All the reasons why bikes are better than cars

Here is a list of all the reasons why bicycles and cycling are better than cars and driving:

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  1. Cycling is great exercise; cars are just sitting.
  2. Bikes aren’t polluting the world with disgusting exhaust.
  3. Bicycles are much less expensive than automobiles.
  4. No gas price concerns.  If the price of gas is going up, that’s a car problem.
  5. Traffic jam?  Not for a cyclist, just ride on by.
  6. Car insurance sure is expensive, don’t need it for a bicycle.
  7. Won’t get door dings in a parking lot with a bike.
  8. Can be hard to find a parking spot with a car, not a problem with a bike.
  9. Never seen a parking meter for a bicycle.
  10. Can ride paths and trails where cars can’t go.
  11. Riding a bike is way more fun than boring old driving a car.
Trek Road Bike


  1. General maintenance is much, much cheaper for bicycles.
  2. Don’t need a jack to work on your bicycle.
  3. Won’t ever get crushed under your bike while working on it.
  4. A bicycle won’t leak oil on your garage floor.
  5. Won’t ever burn yourself on a hot exhaust pipe with a bicycle.
  6. Can get a whole bike frame painted for a fraction of the cost of painting a car.
  7. Car can have difficult to fix electrical problems, not a problem with a bicycle. 
  8. Bikes don’t have lots of fluids like oil, transmission fluid, and coolant you must dispose of.
  9. Never need to get your bike tested for emissions.
  10. Bike tires are much cheaper than car tires.
  11. Much easier to teach yourself to work on bikes than cars.


  1. Classic bikes are way cheaper than classic cars.
  2. Bigger collection, you can fit many more bikes in the garage than cars.
  3. Restoring an old bike is way cheaper than an old car.
  4. Don’t have to waste time with titles and registration collecting bikes.
  5. Classic bikes are prettier.
Vintage Lotus Bicycle

There may be some downsides to bikes, but I don’t see the point of getting into those.  😊

29 thoughts on “All the reasons why bikes are better than cars

  1. As soon as the ice, snow and winter winds subside. I will bike to work a few days a week. there is only a small shoulder on my road into work and living in a very rural area this is no lighting. I start work at 5 am, only a 12 km rice but on a narrow country road at 4 am, I worry about getting hit by a comatose driver. Love your post thought. I really wish every road was built with a bike lane.

    1. I’m often riding at 6am fairly rural with a wide bike lane in place. Cars that are out at that time are moving fast and often do the “am cell phone / coffee mug drift” , I have been trying to choose other routes.

      1. Oh, Yes, I got clipped last summer on a rural road but a truck mirror left me sprawled on the pavement wit a pretty deep gash on my shin from the pedal. the driver didn’t even know I was there and didn’t stop. Not the first time either so I am a bit puck shy

  2. A pretty good list, though I’m not sure we can ever come up with ALL the reasons. I’m sure your readers can expand on it. Under “maintenance”, I’d add that that you don’t have to take a bunch of other parts off to get to the one you want to fix and that you don’t need a computer to tell you what’s wrong.

  3. Many years ago I played a role-playing game called “Gamma World” which was set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The rule book had various character classes and each one had a quote. There was one character, I think it was the Shaman, whose quote was something like, “Why would I want a mechanized vehicle? I have a fine horse. Have you had much luck breeding your car lately?”

  4. Excellent post with so many good reasons. I just took my old Trek in to the bike shop and did a major upgrade, with new tires and tubes, better brakes, a new seat, and a full tune-up/clean up and it was still half the price of a brand new bike. I daresay — and I wonder if you agree — that a bike can last forever. I see the world of biking ramping up with so many options these days. As the available supply of gas goes down and the price of gas jacks ever upward, bikes will become even more plentiful on the roads. I just hope local and state leaders move with the times by supporting networked roads and trails to travel upon for us.

    1. I’m not sure about “forever” but I am riding a bike that I’ve had for 32 years and it is still going strong. I’d let you know if it lasts forever but I expect to die before that.

  5. When you buy a new car, you have to trade in or sell the old one in order to afford the new one, as well as to free up the parking space for the new one. But when you buy a new bike, the principle of N+1 applies, and you can enjoy your new bike as well as the old ones.

  6. Wonderful list, perhaps a couple more: Travelling fast actually feels rewarding. You can customise your bike as much as you like (the ultimate reflection of individualism). You actually see things around you (just look up!).

  7. When I was living in the city, I bet my brother I could get to the beer store before him.
    Guess who won the case of beer.
    I beat him by ten imnutes and that was only two miles away

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