27 inch Road Bike tire buying guide

If you have a vintage road bike you might have 27” wheels, these were popular before the standard became 700c.  They left the market for new bikes sometime in the 80s with more expensive bikes changing to 700c the soonest.  While they look very similar, 700c tires are slightly smaller than 27″ so tires areContinue reading “27 inch Road Bike tire buying guide”

Park Tool CC-3.2 Chain Wear Indicator Tool Review

If you do a lot of cycling, eventually you will wear out your chain.  This is a great tool to tell you when it is ready to be replaced.  It is simple and easy to use and it’s not that expensive.  Have a look: Specs Made of silver alloy Compatible with most 5-12 speed chainsContinue reading “Park Tool CC-3.2 Chain Wear Indicator Tool Review”

Amersumer Cone Spanner Wrench Review

I found myself needing a 17mm cone spanner wrench for my Miche hubs, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  After looking around I found the Amersumer wrench for just $10 and it fits 15, 16, and 17mm.  Have a look: Specs Machined heavy duty steel 11” long 15/16/17mm sizes Plastic handleContinue reading “Amersumer Cone Spanner Wrench Review”

Frugal Guide to Affordable Bicycle Tools

This guide is to help you get your tools at an affordable price.  If you are new to fixing bikes and have no tools, this guide is for you.  Bikes require a lot of specialty tools that can be really expensive, or you can get some of the cheaper options.  Sometimes it just makes senseContinue reading “Frugal Guide to Affordable Bicycle Tools”

Delta Cycle Two Bike Gravity Stand Review

Now this is a rather different sort of bike stand.  It holds two bikes and doesn’t require any sort of mounting.  It is easy to assemble and works as described.  After assembling it just needs to lean up against a wall.  Here are some pictures: Specs 2 bike horizontal stand with one bike over theContinue reading “Delta Cycle Two Bike Gravity Stand Review”

Complete Guide to Bicycle Storage

There are lots of options for bike storage and I intend to cover them all.  From floor to wall to ceiling storage and those in between.  If you are looking for bicycle storage options, this is a must read!  Types Vertical storage – when the bike is stored vertically it will typically save the mostContinue reading “Complete Guide to Bicycle Storage”

Pedro’s Campy BB and Cassette Socket Review

This is a nifty little bike specific tool that is needed for Campagnolo bottom brackets and cassette lockrings.  Have a look: Specs Made from heat-treated S2 steel Fits all Campagnolo cassette lockrings Fits Record, Chorus, Centaur, and Athena bottom brackets The Good A lot cheaper than the actual Campagnolo tool Works The Bad Not reallyContinue reading “Pedro’s Campy BB and Cassette Socket Review”

Charge Knife Titanium Rails Bike Saddle Review

I decided it was time to upgrade my Surly saddle to one with titanium rails.  I wanted something that was pretty light and had a nice, normal sort of look.  Plus of course I needed it to be affordable.  After scouring the internet for options, I landed on the Charge Knife Titanium railed saddle.  ThisContinue reading “Charge Knife Titanium Rails Bike Saddle Review”

Origin8 Pro Fit Stem Review

I picked up this stem to replace my current Wake stem which I think has too much writing on it.  This Origin8 stem just has their logo on it in a nice silver color and 8 is my favorite number so I like it.  Here are some pictures: Specs Road or mountain compatible 3D forgedContinue reading “Origin8 Pro Fit Stem Review”

Camelbak Podium Chill Bike Water Bottle Review

I’ve used a lot of different bike water bottles and have landed on the Camelbak Podium as my favorite.  It’s a nice, insulated bottle that comes in lots of colors and just works.  They even have a dirt series which comes with a nice cap for mountain biking.  Here are some pictures: Specs 21oz PolypropyleneContinue reading “Camelbak Podium Chill Bike Water Bottle Review”