Filoto Cycling Belt Bike Bag Review

My Filoto cycling belt is my most used bike bag.  It’s not for carrying a ton of gear, but it’s great for carrying a phone, wallet, keys…  Most my rides I just bring my phone with so I can call for a ride if things go bad.  When I need to carry more emergency gear,Continue reading “Filoto Cycling Belt Bike Bag Review”

Lightest Road Bike Tires List

I have taken a look at all the bike tire manufacturers and put together this list of weights sorted by size and whether they are tubed or tubeless.  I have also given the lightest weight winner and runner up for each category.  If you want lightweight tires, this list is for you.  Tubed Tires 23mmContinue reading “Lightest Road Bike Tires List”

Rockbros Bicycle Rear Taillight Saddle Rail Mounted Review

Because my Surly doesn’t have a lot of seat post showing I decided a saddle rail mounted taillight might be the best way to go.  I shopped around quite a bit and landed on this one from Rockbros, take a look: This one is just a regular taillight, so you turn it on, and itContinue reading “Rockbros Bicycle Rear Taillight Saddle Rail Mounted Review”

Halo Retro Road Race Wheel Skewers Review

Its not easy to find vintage-look silver quick release skewers that are lighter than the regular old steel ones.  After much searching, I found these Halo retro skewers.  I think they nail the old school look and the weight quite well.  Have a look: Specs Front: 100mm Rear: 130mm Weight for both: 131 grams Cr-MoContinue reading “Halo Retro Road Race Wheel Skewers Review”

Setting up Velocity A23 wheels for tubeless

I decided to go tubeless with my Surly Cross Check.  Since it’s my first time I did a lot of research.  My Velocity A23 wheels are tubeless compatible rather than ready, so they need to be set up.  What you need Tubeless rim tape Tubeless valves Valve core remover Tubeless Sealant Sealant injector Tubeless readyContinue reading “Setting up Velocity A23 wheels for tubeless”

Raleigh English Bicycles Sign Metal

This is a great item for anyone interested in vintage bicycles, especially English bicycles.  Have a look at this cool vintage look sign: It is made of metal and painted to look old.  I think they did a pretty good job with it.  Size 11.8 x 7.8” Has a hole in each corner for hanging,Continue reading “Raleigh English Bicycles Sign Metal”

Velocity A23 Road Wheelset Silver Miche Hubs Review

I decided I wanted to finally try tubeless with my Surly, so I needed to find some silver tubeless compatible rims.  I found the best selection of silver road wheels at Velomine.  My Surly ended up being a not Shimano bike so I decided on a wheelset with made in USA Velocity A23 rims, madeContinue reading “Velocity A23 Road Wheelset Silver Miche Hubs Review”

American Classic Torchbearer Tubeless Ready Tires 700x32C Review

I’ve decided to go tubeless with my Surly Cross Check as I’m trying to make it a super comfortable ride.  Since I’m frugal I decided to shop around and ran into the Torchbearer tires by American Classic.  These are only $35 each on Amazon and meet all my needs.  Take a look: The Good AllContinue reading “American Classic Torchbearer Tubeless Ready Tires 700x32C Review”

Craft Cadence Bicycle Bar Bag Review

The good people at Craft Cadence contacted me and wanted me to review one of their products.  They sent me their bar bag for review, and I must say it’s something I didn’t know I needed.  Here are some images: Specs Size: Approximately 10 x 8 x 3” Weight: about 260 grams What’s included: bag,Continue reading “Craft Cadence Bicycle Bar Bag Review”

Terske Ultra-Low Profile Water Bottle Cage Bolts Titanium Review

My search started out just looking for some of those plastic plugs that new bikes have that are put into bottle cage bosses and other threaded holes.  I wasn’t able to find any, but I ran into some options from Terske.  They have these ultra-low profile titanium bolts: They also have some small, stainless steelContinue reading “Terske Ultra-Low Profile Water Bottle Cage Bolts Titanium Review”