Microshift Centos R10 2X10 Drop Bar Shifters Review

I was looking for a silver groupset that was also affordable for my Surly Cross Check build and landed on the Microshift Centos/R10 group.  My shifters are the older Centos 10 speed version, but they are the same as the newer R10 shifters.  I’ve been really happy with these shifters.  I was worried that IContinue reading “Microshift Centos R10 2X10 Drop Bar Shifters Review”

CyclingDeal Heavy Duty Bike Cable Cutters Review

I got tired of cables fraying and decided to get a better cable cutter.  The normal cable cutters where the blades come together don’t work very well with mutli-strand cables like bike cables.  The type that works better has more of a scissors action where the blades cross each other rather than come together.  AfterContinue reading “CyclingDeal Heavy Duty Bike Cable Cutters Review”

Knog Oi Classic Bicycle Bell Silver Review

Are you looking for a bike bell for a road bike?  I think I have found the perfect one.  Normal bells just wouldn’t look right on a road bike, so I searched all over for a bell that would actually look good.  After many hours of research, I landed on the Knog Oi Classic BicycleContinue reading “Knog Oi Classic Bicycle Bell Silver Review”

Bicycle cable housing cutter tool Red Handle Review

Here is a cable housing cutter that I bought a few years ago.  It seems to be offered under many different names: It is generally always sold as some sort of cable housing cutting multi-tool.  Some of the brands I’ve seen with what looks like the same tool are vbestlife, dilwe, gtkingd, and korada onContinue reading “Bicycle cable housing cutter tool Red Handle Review”

Park Tool Master Link Pliers MLP-1.2 Review

Here is a great bike specific tool which you may really want.  It’s used for chains with master links, which is not all of them.  Generally, I find my KMC chains use a master link and my Shimano use a chain pin.  I think I prefer the master link as you can easily remove andContinue reading “Park Tool Master Link Pliers MLP-1.2 Review”

Cycle Zone Sign Review 12” Bicycle Decor

I’m starting to add some bicycle décor around the house and thought I’d share this fun item with you all.  It is the 12” Cycle Zone sign.  I added it to a wall in the garage where I do most my bicycle wrenching.  It’s a nice bright yellow with a picture of a road bike. Continue reading “Cycle Zone Sign Review 12” Bicycle Decor”

Park Tool AWS-10 Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set Review

This is a super useful tool from Park Tool.  I have a lot of allen wrench tools, but this is always the first one I grab.  It comes with a great selection of sizes that will always meet your needs for a bike.  Plus, it is blue making it easy to spot in the toolbox. Continue reading “Park Tool AWS-10 Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set Review”

Origin8 Uno Road Saddle Review Bike Seat

I was looking for a pretty normal, sorta old school looking saddle for my current bicycle build.  Being frugal I was also curious what was out there for cheap.  I landed on the Origin8 Uno Road Pro Saddle which gets very good reviews despite being quite inexpensive.  It looks comfortable, but still a rather normalContinue reading “Origin8 Uno Road Saddle Review Bike Seat”

Wellgo W-01 SPD Clipless Bicycle Pedals Review Light MTB Road

I needed some new clipless pedals for my Surly Crosscheck build and because Shimano pedals have rocketed up in price I decided to shop around.  For $45 I found these very nice-looking W-01 pedals by Wellgo.  They look good, I like the specs and I’m familiar with the brand.  Have a look: Specs Weight: 300Continue reading “Wellgo W-01 SPD Clipless Bicycle Pedals Review Light MTB Road”

Microshift Centos 10 Speed Front Derailleur Review and Installation

I was looking for a nice old school looking derailleur that I could get new for my Surly Cross Check build and landed on the Microshift Centos groupset.  The group I have is new, but a slightly older version and very silver.  It is a 2×10 groupset so the front derailleur is a 2X.  TheContinue reading “Microshift Centos 10 Speed Front Derailleur Review and Installation”