Using WD40 on your bicycle chain meme

Why does the Disapproving Cyclist say not to use WD40 on a bike chain? It’s not a good lubricant for chains.  WD40 is much more a solvent than a lubricant and will remove what chain oil you have.  It is also only a light lubricant, so it will only briefly work on your chain.  AfterContinue reading “Using WD40 on your bicycle chain meme”

How to remove and replace Surly bicycle decals/stickers

Today I’m going to show you how I remove and replace the stickers on a Surly bike.  Here is my Cross Check decal that isn’t looking so good: Here is a brand-new decal: It comes sandwiched between a rectangle shaped paper and clear plastic sheet.  Step 1 Mark for where the new label is goingContinue reading “How to remove and replace Surly bicycle decals/stickers”

How to adjust a threadless stem for fitting bicycle

You have decided you want your bike handlebars to be a bit higher or lower, or perhaps you want to flip your stem.  I’m going to show you all the different options below.  First Be sure you are doing these with the tires on the ground, not up in the stand.  Once you loosen theContinue reading “How to adjust a threadless stem for fitting bicycle”

Installing Square Taper Crankset Stronglight Impact Double

Today we are going to install a square taper crankset, specifically the Stronglight Impact Double crankset.  It’s a fairly straight forward process.  What you need: Square taper crankset with a square taper bottom bracket installed.  Make sure the bottom bracket matches the crankset.  It should have the correct width and taper, the Stronglight is aContinue reading “Installing Square Taper Crankset Stronglight Impact Double”

Bottom Bracket Sealed Cartridge Installation Tange Seiki LN 3922

Today we are going to install a sealed cartridge bottom bracket, specifically a Tange Seiki LN 3922.  The process should really be about the same for at least most other sealed cartridge bottom brackets.  Shimano will be the same. What you need A new bottom bracket Anti-Seize Lubricant or grease Bottom bracket tool like theContinue reading “Bottom Bracket Sealed Cartridge Installation Tange Seiki LN 3922”

Old Touch Up Paint Fix – Bicycle

If you have a bike with a touch up job that’s not so good, I hope this guide can help you.  I purchased a bike that was touched up by a previous owner and well it’s not so good.  But so far, I’ve had some pretty good success making it much better.  These tips areContinue reading “Old Touch Up Paint Fix – Bicycle”

How to fix ghost shifting under load bicycles

I’ve spent about the last year trying to stop my Fuji Cross Comp from ghost shifting.  Every time I checked it on the stand it shifted perfectly.  Often, I would have rides that it shifted fine.  But most often I should shift and later when I put some power down, I’d get that loud shiftingContinue reading “How to fix ghost shifting under load bicycles”

How To Replace a bicycle rear derailleur hanger

Is your mountain bike not shifting well after a crash?  Can you see your derailleur is at a weird angle?  Does it look like this? There is an easy fix.  Most modern mountain bikes have a removeable derailleur hanger that saves the frame in the result of a crash.  I may have had a crashContinue reading “How To Replace a bicycle rear derailleur hanger”

How to change a mountain bike tire with an inner tube and V-brakes

Our very detailed step by step guide to changing a tire on a mountain bike that uses an inner tube and has v-brakes. Step 1 Open Brakes Open up the brakes so the tire can be removed. Step 2 Position Bike Now you can put your bike in a repair stand, or if you don’tContinue reading “How to change a mountain bike tire with an inner tube and V-brakes”

Cleaning Up Vintage Steel Bicycle Wheels

I recently purchased two 1974 Raleigh Sports bicycles that needed a lot of cleaning and a good refresh to get back on the road.  This involved cleaning up the steel wheels which were quite dirty and had bits of rust on them.  I wasn’t too sure how to go about cleaning these up, so IContinue reading “Cleaning Up Vintage Steel Bicycle Wheels”