How To Stop Numb Hands When Cycling on Road Bike

Getting numb hands when riding is a pretty common issue with road bikes.  You might just think it’s normal and you just need to build your endurance or lose weight or wear padded gloves.  That might help, but I think you really need to change your bike fit.  I’ve been looking for the answer forContinue reading “How To Stop Numb Hands When Cycling on Road Bike”

Cheap DIY Rocker Plate for Wahoo Kickr Snap

It’s getting cold here again as winter approaches and that means I’m doing most of my riding indoors.  I use Zwift which makes indoor riding fun, but my body has never been able to handle indoor so well.  Because the bike doesn’t move it is much harsher on my lower region and I will getContinue reading “Cheap DIY Rocker Plate for Wahoo Kickr Snap”

Beginners guide to faster bike riding on a budget

Here are some great tips for faster cycling: Ride in a more aero position  Try to ride in a lower and more aero position, aerodynamics greatly effects your speed.  This will be easier with a drop bar bike, but you should be able to do it with any bike.  Don’t go so low that yourContinue reading “Beginners guide to faster bike riding on a budget”

Best bikes for a bad back

If you suffer from back pain, you might still be able to enjoy cycling.  If your current bike makes your back sore, you can make adjustments to the fit.  There are also different types of bikes that are easier on the back.  Unless you have a specific injury that damaged your back, you could alsoContinue reading “Best bikes for a bad back”

Cycling on the wrong side of the road Meme

When cycling you should always ride the direction of traffic for yours and others safety.  There are many reasons why you have to do this. Reasons why cyclists ride in the same direction of traffic Legally Most states have laws stating that cyclists need to ride with the direction of traffic.  If there is someContinue reading “Cycling on the wrong side of the road Meme”

All the reasons why bikes are better than cars

Here is a list of all the reasons why bicycles and cycling are better than cars and driving: Cycling is great exercise; cars are just sitting. Bikes aren’t polluting the world with disgusting exhaust. Bicycles are much less expensive than automobiles. No gas price concerns.  If the price of gas is going up, that’s aContinue reading “All the reasons why bikes are better than cars”

2022 – Let’s make it a great year in cycling and blogging!

2022 is here, I’m hoping this is a great one.  Hopefully this covid thing disappears this year.  Let’s all have lots of fun biking and blogging! Goals 3,500 miles cycling Complete my Surly Cross Check build Complete a century (100 mile) road ride Do more mountain biking 100 blog posts Reach 500 blog followers There’sContinue reading “2022 – Let’s make it a great year in cycling and blogging!”

2021 a great year of cycling 3,032.6 miles

I just completed my final ride of the year on Zwift.  My total miles for 2021 are 3,032.6.  Not a ton for many cyclists, but really good for me.  I have a wife and kids and a job and all that, so my cycling time is a bit limited.  2020 I rode 2,131.3 miles, soContinue reading “2021 a great year of cycling 3,032.6 miles”

Zwift Watopia Jungle Circuit Course Review

This is one of the most scenic routes that Watopia and Zwift offers.  You will travel through deep jungle seeing toucans, Mayan ruins, caves, great waterfalls, colorful vegetation…  You even ride over a huge rope bridge.  Other than a short stretch in the beginning it is mostly gravel, so be sure to use a goodContinue reading “Zwift Watopia Jungle Circuit Course Review”