Monark Silver King Bicycles Chicago

Monark Silver King began in 1934 in Chicago selling aluminum bicycles!  I had no idea somebody was making aluminum bicycles way back then.  These bikes don’t show up too often, but I see them for sale every once in a while.  The company made their own bikes till they sold to Huffman Manufacturing (Huffy) inContinue reading “Monark Silver King Bicycles Chicago”

1982 Schwinn Continental Bike Black Sable

Here is a nice example of a 1982 Schwinn Continental, a really durable and reliable road bike: This bike came with a Schwinn electro-forged carbon-steel frame and 10 speeds.  Not a light bike at 36lbs, but reliable and durable.  Black sable is the only color for this year.  Came with center pull brakes and quickContinue reading “1982 Schwinn Continental Bike Black Sable”

Surly Cross Check Frameset Drop Bar Bike Build

I’m in search of the perfect bike and am hoping it will be the Surly Cross Check.  I really like the ride and look of vintage bikes, but I prefer the shifting and drivetrain of newer bikes.  Hopefully I can combine these with this Surly frame.  I’ve heard lots of good things about Surly andContinue reading “Surly Cross Check Frameset Drop Bar Bike Build”

Schwinn Le Tour Serial Number guide and Country of Manufacture

The Schwinn Le Tour was made in several different plants and countries during its long run.  The first few years they are all made by Panasonic in Japan.  Then they are briefly made in Chicago and then back to Japan.  Later they would be made in the Mississippi Schwinn plant in the USA, Taiwan, andContinue reading “Schwinn Le Tour Serial Number guide and Country of Manufacture”

What year bike do I have? Dating a Schwinn Le Tour

Here are some tips for dating a Schwinn Le Tour visually. Fork If the fork has a chrome tip the bike is 1982 or older. If the fork is painted with no chrome, it is 1983 or newer. Brake Levers If the brake levers have a safety lever the bike is 1983 or older LeContinue reading “What year bike do I have? Dating a Schwinn Le Tour”

Shimano Ultegra RD-6600 Rear Derailleur Images and Manual

The Shimano Ultegra RD-6600 rear derailleur for road bikes.  This is an older model and at the time it was the second-best road derailleur in the Shimano line up right behind Dura ace.  I’m not completely sure about production dates for this model, but the one pictured came on my 2008 Fuji Cross Comp.  StillContinue reading “Shimano Ultegra RD-6600 Rear Derailleur Images and Manual”

Schwinn Approved Le Tour Complete Guide

1974 Le Tour Schwinn started offering the Le Tour in 1974, and it was a little different for the iconic Chicago based bicycle company.  The Le Tour was made in Japan by Panasonic, with Schwinn approved branding.  So, it’s branded by USA Schwinn, made by Japan Panasonic, and it’s got a French name.  How coolContinue reading “Schwinn Approved Le Tour Complete Guide”

South Shore Cyclery Bike Shop and Museum Cudahy WI

Last week I found myself in desperate need of a 25.4mm seatpost preferably in silver.  I looked around at all the websites for the local shops and found that South Shore Cyclery in Cudahy had one.  It’s a little bit of a drive so I called ahead, and somebody answered quickly and confirmed it wasContinue reading “South Shore Cyclery Bike Shop and Museum Cudahy WI”

List of Vintage Bicycle Manufacturers and Brands

USA Coast to Coast – Coast King and Marquis brand.  Private labeled bikes for Coast to Coast hardware.  Generally budget bikes.  Ross made some of the early models.  Out of business. Colson bicycles – Ohio company that began making bicycles in 1917.  Made Firestone and Goodyear branded bicycles most notably.  Stopped making bikes in 1962.Continue reading “List of Vintage Bicycle Manufacturers and Brands”