List of new Steel Road Bikes – brands and models

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Steel framed road bikes aren’t that common anymore so finding models can be challenging.  This list is all the companies and models I can find making steel framed bikes.  I’m including cyclocross, adventure, gravel, and touring bikes, basically any steel framed drop bar bike.  I’m gonna try to stick to bikes you can get in the USA without too much trouble, but there will be some exceptions.

All City

Zig Zag 105 – road bike with Shimano 105


Zig Zag Ultegra – road bike with Shimano Ultegra


Cosmic Stallion GRX – gravel bike with Shimano GRX 810


Cosmic Stallion Rival AXS – gravel bike with SRAM Rival AXS


Gorilla Monsoon Apex – adventure/cyclocross bike SRAM Apex


Gorilla Monsoon GRX – adventure/cyclocross bike Shimano GRX 810


Space Horse GRX – touring bike with Shimano GRX 400


Space Horse Tiagra – touring bike with Shimano Tiagra



Hook – gravel bike Shimano GRX 400


Arise Tour – touring bike Microshift


Arise SG – gravel bike Microshift Advent X



Touring Disc – touring bike Shimano Deore



Trieste – entry gravel bike Shimano Claris



Renegade S2 – gravel/adventure bike Shimano GRX 600


Renegade S3 – gravel/adventure bike Shimano GRX 400


Renegade S4

$1,399.95 – gravel/adventure bike Shimano Sora


GZR700 – entry road bike Shimano



Rove LTD – adventure bike Shimano GRX 810


Rove DL – adventure bike SRAM Rival 1


Rove – adventure bike Shimano Sora



Nicasio 2 -adventure bike Shimano Tiagra


Nicasio+ – adventure bike Microshift Advent


Nicasio – adventure bike Shimano Claris


Four Corner – touring bike Shimano Sora



Giramondo – adventure bike Shimano Deore



Gran Premio Elite – road bike Shimano 105


Motobecane Gran Premio Elite


RLT 9 Steel – gravel bike SRAM Force 1



Search XR S1 – adventure bike Shimano GRX 600


Search XR S2 – adventure bike Shimano GRX 400


Section S2 – road bike Shimano 105



The Phantom – road bike SRAM Force


Ritte The Phantom

The Satyr – gravel bike SRAM Force



ST1 – adventure bike SRAM Rival 1


ST2 – adventure bike SRAM Apex 1



Marrakesh Alivio – adventure bike Shimano Alivio


Vaya GRX 600 – adventure/touring bike Shimano GRX 600



4130 Road – road bike with stem shifters Sunrace


4130 All Road – adventure bike State 1×11



Straggler – go anywhere bike SRAM Apex


Midnight Special – gravel bike SRAM Rival



520 – touring bike Shimano Sora/Alivio


Trek 520

520 Grando – touring adventure bike Shimano Tiagra/GRX


Steel Framesets

These companies offer steel framesets if you want to build your own bike:

All City



Milwaukee Bicycles

New Albion




Waterford Precision Cycles

Why steel?

Steel makes for a more comfortable ride as it will absorb road bumps. It is also very durable and strong so it will last. Steel is real.

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8 thoughts on “List of new Steel Road Bikes – brands and models

  1. A shorter list than I thought. I do have one addition. The Wilier Superleggera. Frameset is 3000 Euro, complete bikes 4200-6900. It is a tribute to their post-WW II bike in a copper finish.

    1. You must be young! Some of us are old enough that steel was the only choice! 😉 but there were different qualities of steel. Columbus made at least 3 different steel tube sets at the same time, as did Tange. Reynolds has made several different formulations, but I don’t know how many were made at the same time. Maybe FAB can enlighten us in a future post about all of the different steel back in the day.

      1. Ah yes. Thanks for the reminder. In addition, manufacturers sometimes used a combination of steels. Bianchi used Columbus SP for the bottom of the frame (downtube and chain stays) and the lighter SL for the top (top tube, seat stays, seat tube) on some frames. I’m not sure which went into the head tube. Albert Eisentraut never put tubing stickers on his frames, saying he reserved the right to make the best choice for each individual frame. So you see, Doug, back in the day, being limited to steel still left a lot of choices.

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