Complete Guide to Bicycle Storage

There are lots of options for bike storage and I intend to cover them all.  From floor to wall to ceiling storage and those in between.  If you are looking for bicycle storage options, this is a must read! 

Vertical storage – when the bike is stored vertically it will typically save the most space.

Horizontal storage – this option is nice when you want to display your bike. Can also hold bike for some maintenance.

Ceiling storage – this option really gets the bike out of the way but may be slower to mount and unmount from rack.

Installation difficulty – ranked from easy to difficult. This is based on how hard it is to put together and mount.

Cost – ranked from cheap to expensive. Based on the price.

Space saving – how much space will your save. Ranked from little to lots.

Versatility – how many different types of bikes will it work with. Ranked from low to high.

Ease of use – how easy it is to store and remove bike. Ranked from 1-10 with 10 being most challenging/time consuming.

Wall Storage

These are all the options that you mount to a wall to store you bikes.

Wall Hooks

These are one of my favorite options as they save you a lot of space and are easy to use.  Just mount a hook on the wall and hang your bike from it.  It’s easy to get your bike on and off with just a small lift.  Easy to install if you have exposed studs.

  • Installation difficulty: easy to moderate
  • Cost: cheap
  • Space saving: lots
  • Versatility: high
  • Ease off use: 3

These hooks by Delta are what I use:

Delta Wall Hooks

If you want to be more frugal here are some from HOMEE:

Wall Rack

Another type of wall hook or rack I use holds the bike with its side facing the wall. I use this in my shed, and it allows me to store things under it.

  • Installation difficulty: easy to moderate
  • Cost: cheap
  • Space saving: moderate
  • Versatility: low
  • Ease of use: 5
Delta 2 Bike Rack

This style of wall rack has a lot of limitations. It won’t really work with any ladies framed bikes and might not work so well with bikes with a slanted top tube. Works great for old bikes with a top tube that is parallel to the ground. You also have to lift the bike quite a bit. Easy to install if you have exposed studs.

SafeRacks Wall Shelves

This is one of my favorite options. For a good price you get two big 18×48″ shelves and 4 bike hooks. I bought some extra hooks and have 4 bikes hanging as well as car rack and other things. They also have other size shelves btw.

SafeRacks Wall Shelf


These are an interesting option and look really easy to use. You mount the Clug on the wall and press your front tire into it. You do need a different one for each type of tire like road bike, hybrid, or mountain bike. It is nice that you don’t actually have to lift the whole bike, you just have to lift the front tire and roll it on the back tire. They even have the Clug Pro for long term storage.

Clug In Use


These are a pretty neat style of bike rack. You mount them vertically on the wall, and it will hold your whole tire rather than hooking the rim. It is also on a swivel, so you push it close to the wall to save space. I have a neighbor with these, very nice but pricey.

Rubbermaid FastTrack Bike Hook

If you already have the Rubbermaid FastTrack system, they offer some hooks specifically for bikes.

Ceiling Storage

This option is mounted to the ceiling and really get the bike out of the way.

Screw In Hooks

For the regular old screw in hooks, you can use two hooks and have one for each tire or use one and have it hang vertically. If you use two it can be a bit more challenging to get your bike on and off the hooks, but it definitely gets them out of the way. Using one it will hang lower to ground. These can also be used in the wall.

Ceillng Hooks

Pulley System

This type of ceiling storage uses a pulley to raise and lower your bike. You connect the hooks to your bike and pull it up with the rope. When you need it down you use the same rope to lower it. These are affordable and do save a lot of space.

Delta Cycle Bike Hoist

A more budget friendly option:

Floor Storage

These options just sit on the floor and don’t need to be mounted.

Vertical Bike Rack

This stand holds your bike up vertically on the floor without attaching to a wall or ceiling. It’s good if you need to save space and can’t mount to anything.

Vertical Bike Rack

Delta Cycle 4 Bike Free-Standing Storage Rack

A 4-bike option that doesn’t require any drilling or mounting. It is a free-standing rack that you can mount your bikes on. Seems to me you’d have to be very careful putting bikes on and off it, but it has pretty good Amazon reviews.

Delta Cycle 4 Bike Free-Standing Rack

Floor Bike Rack

Here is a great option if you want to easily set your bikes up on the floor. It will save you some space vs using kickstands and great for bikes with no kickstand.

StoreYourBoard Freestanding 5 Bike Storage Rack

Another stand-alone bike rack, this one holds 5 bikes. Pretty pricey, but it does look like it would work well.

Rock Bros Foldable Bike Stand

This small stand is sort of a removable kickstand. I have one and it will hold a bike up ok, but I don’t love it. It doesn’t take much to have the bike fall off the stand. Like if someone walked by and gave it too big of a bump. It does fold up nice and small when you are not using it.

Floor/Wall Storage

These options sit on the floor and also lean or are mounted to a wall.

Delta Cycle 2 Bike Gravity Stand

This is another option that doesn’t require any mounting. The stand goes on the floor and leans against a wall. Holds 2 bikes. I like how the arms adjust and it looks like it should hold most bikes. I haven’t tried one like this yet, but it does look like it would work well.

Delta Cycle 2 Bike Gravity Stand

Floor/Ceiling Storage

These options go from floor to ceiling.

RAD Cycle Floor To Ceiling 2 Bike Rack

This is one I want to try in my basement. It goes from the floor to the ceiling, and you tighten it up enough, so it doesn’t move. So, you don’t have to drill any holes, it’s held in place with friction. Very affordable.

8 thoughts on “Complete Guide to Bicycle Storage

  1. I use something like the Delta Gravity Storage Rack. It is handy in a garage with more available floor than wall space (walls taken up by tools, kayak, paddles, skis) but not enough for a regular bike rack (which I tried first). It is not hard to get bikes off and on, and the support positions can be varied for different top tube angles. Hooks screwed into joists are what I use in the basement. When I lived in a San Francisco Victorian with 14 foot ceilings, a homemade pulley system did the trick. You’re right – there are a lot of options and which works best is pretty variable, depending on your circumstances. Thanks for the overview.

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