ZUKVYE Vertical Bike Stand Rack Review

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As somebody with a few bikes I’m always looking for a new way to save on some space.  I’ve been looking at vertical bike stands for a while and finally decided to check one out.  I went with the ZUKVYE on Amazon just because they all seem to look the same and this one was the cheapest.  Got mine for $44. 

ZUKVYE Vertical Bike Stand Rack

It arrived quickly and was easy to assemble.  Mine is different than the one pictured on Amazon and came with an intentional bend in the pole that has the hook for holding the wheel.  That’s the way most other brands are pictured.  The one pictured on Amazon is straight and maybe an older design?  Not sure but the one received seems to work well.  Here are some images:

Seems to work with all my bikes, but mine are all smaller sizes.  1140mm wheelbase is considered the maximum and 2.4” wide tires.  I guess that’s 44.88” for those of us who don’t think in mm. I tried my daughters 24” mountain bike, hybrid bikes, my vintage Schwinn road bike, cyclocross bike… Here is a pic holding a woman’s hybrid bike and then a pick with a similar sized bike showing how much space you save on the ground:  

Some more bikes:

The red pieces on the base can move to better hold the tire. Here is an image showing the gap which can be eliminated by adjusting the red piece:

Adjustable for tire size

My 2021 Giant Talon 2 in size small has a wheelbase just under 45” and it fit but seemed more stable leaning forward rather than backward like the other bikes.  My rear tire is 2.4″ and fit. Still saved some space.  Here is a couple images:

Mountain Bike

The line on the ground can be used for reference for how much space is saved:

Mountain Bike Space Saved

So, I like it and it probably saves me a foot or a little more of space with most bikes.  That could probably save a lot of space if you had several of these or be useful if you have a small area where a bike wouldn’t normally fit.   Bike seems really stable front and back, but a little less side to side.  Probably as stable as a bike on a kickstand side to side, well on the side opposite the kickstand. It would take a solid bump to knock a bike down. 

For bikes without a kickstand, it will hold a bike like this:

The stand will also hold my Trek Navigator vertically with the rear rack and bag still on the bike. That is why I picked this style rather than the type that holds the bike by the seatpost.

If this is something you need, get yours today on Amazon:

ZUKVYE Bike Stand Vertical Bike Rack – AMAZON

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