1969 Schwinn Sting-Ray Krate Lemon Peeler

This is one of the most rare and valuable Sting-Ray models.  Features a front spring fork, 5-speed Stik-Shift, bucket style saddle, chrome fenders, and MAG sprocket.  Front wheel is 16” with middleweight tire and rear wheel is 20” with Gripper Slik tire.  Have a look at this nice example: Hand brakes work the rear caliperContinue reading “1969 Schwinn Sting-Ray Krate Lemon Peeler”

Amersumer Cone Spanner Wrench Review

I found myself needing a 17mm cone spanner wrench for my Miche hubs, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  After looking around I found the Amersumer wrench for just $10 and it fits 15, 16, and 17mm.  Have a look: Specs Machined heavy duty steel 11” long 15/16/17mm sizes Plastic handleContinue reading “Amersumer Cone Spanner Wrench Review”

Suntour History and Road Derailleur Rankings

The history of Suntour goes all the way back to 1912 with Maeda Iron Works Company.  They began by manufacturing freewheels and sprockets.  It was in the 1950s that they began to make derailleurs.  In 1964 Suntour invented the slant-parallelogram rear derailleur.  This gave them what most believe was the easiest shifting derailleurs.  It allowedContinue reading “Suntour History and Road Derailleur Rankings”

Vintage Zebrakenko Bicycles History and Facts

The history of Zebrakenko bicycles may go all the way back to the early 1900s in Japan, but the brand seems to have not shown up in the US market until the 1970s.  The quality seems to be pretty typical of other Japanese brands for the time period, well made and reliable.  Most of theirContinue reading “Vintage Zebrakenko Bicycles History and Facts”

Vintage Chimo Bicycles History and Facts

Chimo was a brand owned by Interex Industries located in Vancouver BC, Canada.  Bikes were imported from Japan and Hong Kong during the 70s and 80s.  The head badge design is actually the Interex logo.  The Japan head badges state made in Japan and Hong Kong badges have HKB for Hong Kong Bicycles.  Most ofContinue reading “Vintage Chimo Bicycles History and Facts”

Frugal Guide to Affordable Bicycle Tools

This guide is to help you get your tools at an affordable price.  If you are new to fixing bikes and have no tools, this guide is for you.  Bikes require a lot of specialty tools that can be really expensive, or you can get some of the cheaper options.  Sometimes it just makes senseContinue reading “Frugal Guide to Affordable Bicycle Tools”

Delta Cycle Two Bike Gravity Stand Review

Now this is a rather different sort of bike stand.  It holds two bikes and doesn’t require any sort of mounting.  It is easy to assemble and works as described.  After assembling it just needs to lean up against a wall.  Here are some pictures: Specs 2 bike horizontal stand with one bike over theContinue reading “Delta Cycle Two Bike Gravity Stand Review”

Vintage Concord Bicycles

Concord is a bike brand that I believe started in the early 1970s and ended sometime in the 80s.  The brand was owned by Columbus Cycles out of Columbus, OH and were imported from Japan.  Kuwahara is the Japanese company I most see mentioned as the manufacturer for Concord.  During the 80s they had aContinue reading “Vintage Concord Bicycles”

Complete Guide to Bicycle Storage

There are lots of options for bike storage and I intend to cover them all.  From floor to wall to ceiling storage and those in between.  If you are looking for bicycle storage options, this is a must read!  Types Vertical storage – when the bike is stored vertically it will typically save the mostContinue reading “Complete Guide to Bicycle Storage”

List of new Steel Road Bikes – brands and models

Steel framed road bikes aren’t that common anymore so finding models can be challenging.  This list is all the companies and models I can find making steel framed bikes.  I’m including cyclocross, adventure, gravel, and touring bikes, basically any steel framed drop bar bike.  I’m gonna try to stick to bikes you can get inContinue reading “List of new Steel Road Bikes – brands and models”