Broken SRAM 3.0 Rear Derailleur Replacement Help

A friend of mine recently brought over a Trek 820 with SRAM 3.0 shifters and derailleurs.  Bike could no longer shift at the rear derailleur.  Upon inspection I found the mount for the B-tension screw had broken and the screw was lost.  So, I couldn’t see any way to fix it, so replacement was theContinue reading “Broken SRAM 3.0 Rear Derailleur Replacement Help”

Complete Guide to E-Bikes

E-bikes are becoming more and more popular.  It’s becoming very common for me to see somebody riding by at a fast rate without pedaling.  When I was in Door County WI it seemed like half the rental bikes I saw were e-bikes.  I’m a little surprised by their popularity based on their prices, but thereContinue reading “Complete Guide to E-Bikes”

Vintage Bottecchia bicycles history and facts

Italian bicycle company that is named after Ottavio Bottecchia, the first Italian cyclist to win the Tour de France in 1924.  He would also win the Tour in 1925.  The company’s history goes back to 1924 when it was started by Teodoro Carnielli.  The company was owned by the Carnielli family until 1999 when itContinue reading “Vintage Bottecchia bicycles history and facts”

2020 Liv Sedona W Comfort Bicycle Review

I was looking for a new bike for my daughter and decided to go with a comfort style.  She previously had a girl’s mountain bike and didn’t seem comfortable on it.  She was only good for short rides.  Really glad I found this great bike.  Now she is always wanting to go for rides, andContinue reading “2020 Liv Sedona W Comfort Bicycle Review”

CycloSpirit Bicycle Derailleur Hanger Alignment Tool Review

When tuning up your rear derailleur, one of the things you will often want to check is the alignment of your hanger.  This is especially important if your shifting went bad after some sort of crash.  If your hanger is bent, you won’t be able to index your shifting properly.  The tool for this isContinue reading “CycloSpirit Bicycle Derailleur Hanger Alignment Tool Review”

Shimano Tourney Entry Level Rear Derailleur Perfection

The Tourney derailleur is at the bottom of the Shimano lineup, so not many people think of it as that great.  But I think it might be one of the best derailleurs ever made for its purpose.  It is very common now for entry level hybrid and mountain bikes, which means it’s on a lotContinue reading “Shimano Tourney Entry Level Rear Derailleur Perfection”

2023 Gravity Dutch Hybrid Bicycle Ladies Mint Green Review

My friend wanted to save a few dollars on a new hybrid bike for his daughter and landed on the Gravity Dutch from Bikes Direct.  I of course offered up my services to help put it together and get it tuned up. They shipped quickly and I think he got it in like 4 days. Continue reading “2023 Gravity Dutch Hybrid Bicycle Ladies Mint Green Review”

Vintage Zeus Bicycle and Component History and Facts

Zeus is the only company that I know of that made bikes and almost all the parts.  They made frames, brakes, derailleurs, pedals, cranks, seatposts…  I think this really sets them apart from other bike companies in history.  They seem to be rare in my area as I have seen very few of them forContinue reading “Vintage Zeus Bicycle and Component History and Facts”

Switching Your Bike to Campagnolo Components

For many cyclists Campagnolo is a bit of a mystery, a legend most aren’t fully familiar with.  It has been a long time since Campy was commonly offered on new bikes which means people don’t see it very often on newer bikes.  I recently decided I wanted to put the best-looking drop bar shifters onContinue reading “Switching Your Bike to Campagnolo Components”

Vintage Sutton Bicycles History and Facts

Sutton bicycle is a lesser-known brand that was sold mostly in New York.  The brand was owned by TSS Seedman’s which was a department store chain in NY.  Wilcox International was the import company for Seeman’s.  I believe all the bikes were made in Japan by Kawamura and/or Zebrakenko.  Because they are department store bikes,Continue reading “Vintage Sutton Bicycles History and Facts”