Great Cycling Road Races

Grand Tour The Grand Tour is the combination of 3 stage races: Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a Espana.  They are all 3-week races with daily stages.  Over 23 days there are 21 stages with 2 days of rest.  Tour de France – takes place in France of course and is the mostContinue reading “Great Cycling Road Races”

List of the greatest and most influential cyclists of all time

Here is a list of great cyclists, great racers and influential riders.  List is in chronological order. Gentullio Campagnolo An Italian amateur cyclist who never got to be a great pro, but he was still very influential.  He is the inventor of the quick release skewer which has been used for decades of racing.  HeContinue reading “List of the greatest and most influential cyclists of all time”

How to get into road cycling on the cheap

If you are wanting to get into road cycling you’ve probably noticed it can be quite expensive.  Super expensive if you started out with great everything.  And if you are frugal, you might be thinking it’s just too expensive.  Well, I want to give you some tips on how to get into it on theContinue reading “How to get into road cycling on the cheap”

Pedro’s Campy BB and Cassette Socket Review

This is a nifty little bike specific tool that is needed for Campagnolo bottom brackets and cassette lockrings.  Have a look: Specs Made from heat-treated S2 steel Fits all Campagnolo cassette lockrings Fits Record, Chorus, Centaur, and Athena bottom brackets The Good A lot cheaper than the actual Campagnolo tool Works The Bad Not reallyContinue reading “Pedro’s Campy BB and Cassette Socket Review”

Vintage Kabuki Bicycles History and Facts

Kabuki bikes were imported from Japan and manufactured by Bridgestone.  In the 70s I believe they were imported by C. Itoh.  These bikes went from entry level to high end.  The brand seems to disappear in the 80s sometime around when Bridgestone USA shows up with the Bridgestone brand. I’m guessing maybe Bridgestone didn’t wantContinue reading “Vintage Kabuki Bicycles History and Facts”

Miche Freehub Removal and Installation Primato Syntesi

Miche hubs are not super common, so I thought I’d do a write up on changing the freehub.  I’m changing my bike from a Shimano freehub to Campagnolo.  I’ll assume you have your wheel already removed. Step 1 Loosen the bearing preload, it’s the tiny little allen key bolt on the cap on the non-driveContinue reading “Miche Freehub Removal and Installation Primato Syntesi”

Charge Knife Titanium Rails Bike Saddle Review

I decided it was time to upgrade my Surly saddle to one with titanium rails.  I wanted something that was pretty light and had a nice, normal sort of look.  Plus of course I needed it to be affordable.  After scouring the internet for options, I landed on the Charge Knife Titanium railed saddle.  ThisContinue reading “Charge Knife Titanium Rails Bike Saddle Review”

Origin8 Pro Fit Stem Review

I picked up this stem to replace my current Wake stem which I think has too much writing on it.  This Origin8 stem just has their logo on it in a nice silver color and 8 is my favorite number so I like it.  Here are some pictures: Specs Road or mountain compatible 3D forgedContinue reading “Origin8 Pro Fit Stem Review”

How To Stop Numb Hands When Cycling on Road Bike

Getting numb hands when riding is a pretty common issue with road bikes.  You might just think it’s normal and you just need to build your endurance or lose weight or wear padded gloves.  That might help, but I think you really need to change your bike fit.  I’ve been looking for the answer forContinue reading “How To Stop Numb Hands When Cycling on Road Bike”

Cheap DIY Rocker Plate for Wahoo Kickr Snap

It’s getting cold here again as winter approaches and that means I’m doing most of my riding indoors.  I use Zwift which makes indoor riding fun, but my body has never been able to handle indoor so well.  Because the bike doesn’t move it is much harsher on my lower region and I will getContinue reading “Cheap DIY Rocker Plate for Wahoo Kickr Snap”