Switching Your Bike to Campagnolo Components

For many cyclists Campagnolo is a bit of a mystery, a legend most aren’t fully familiar with.  It has been a long time since Campy was commonly offered on new bikes which means people don’t see it very often on newer bikes.  I recently decided I wanted to put the best-looking drop bar shifters onContinue reading “Switching Your Bike to Campagnolo Components”

Vintage Sutton Bicycles History and Facts

Sutton bicycle is a lesser-known brand that was sold mostly in New York.  The brand was owned by TSS Seedman’s which was a department store chain in NY.  Wilcox International was the import company for Seeman’s.  I believe all the bikes were made in Japan by Kawamura and/or Zebrakenko.  Because they are department store bikes,Continue reading “Vintage Sutton Bicycles History and Facts”

Surly Cross Check Retro Road Bike Build 2023 version

Last year I built up a Surly Cross Check frame to be a sort of comfort road bike with a classic road bike look.  I quickly came to love the bike and it was my go-to ride for all year.  With the original build I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it, so I keptContinue reading “Surly Cross Check Retro Road Bike Build 2023 version”

Hycline Bicycle Pumps Review

Hycline contacted me about reviewing some of their pumps and were good enough to send me some samples.  They are a nice frugal option for a pump.  Here they are: Hycline Bicycle Pump With Gauge 320043 I’ve been using this pump for a few weeks, looks good and works well, have a look: Specs 160Continue reading “Hycline Bicycle Pumps Review”

Tektro CR510 Cantilever brake review

I searched all over the internet to find the best-looking silver cantilever brakes and the Tektro CR510 is my favorite.  These are replacing the black Tektro CR720 brakes that I was using.  The 720 brakes worked well,  but I wanted silver and I think the 510 have a better look for my mostly road bikeContinue reading “Tektro CR510 Cantilever brake review”

Comfort Road Cycling Guide

Many people think road cycling has to be uncomfortable and is only for racing.  This isn’t the case as road bikes can be ridden comfortably for long rides even if you aren’t the most athletic or flexible.  Here are some helpful tips for comfortable road bike riding. Bike All road bikes aren’t the same, someContinue reading “Comfort Road Cycling Guide”

Vintage Azuki Bicycles History and Facts

Azuki is similar to Nishiki as both brands were distributed by West Coast Cycle and manufactured by Kawamura in Japan.  From what I have seen they mostly made road bikes, but I found some cruisers and BMX bikes also.  I believe this brand was much less popular than Nishiki, as I see way fewer forContinue reading “Vintage Azuki Bicycles History and Facts”

Vintage Jeunet Bicycles History and Facts

Jeunet history is elusive, but I’ve found some information on the company.  I believe the company started in Dole, France in the early 1900s, possibly 1928.  The founder was either Andre Jeunet or Albert Jeunet depending on the source.  The company was definitely run by the Jeunet family, and I found a reference for DominiqueContinue reading “Vintage Jeunet Bicycles History and Facts”

27 inch Road Bike tire buying guide

If you have a vintage road bike you might have 27” wheels, these were popular before the standard became 700c.  They left the market for new bikes sometime in the 80s with more expensive bikes changing to 700c the soonest.  While they look very similar, 700c tires are slightly smaller than 27″ so tires areContinue reading “27 inch Road Bike tire buying guide”

Vintage Freccia D’oro Bicycle Saddle

Freccia D’oro is Italian and translates as Golden Arrow.  This saddle seems to be a bit of a mystery regarding who manufactured it.  My saddle only states Freccia D’oro, nothing else.  It does seem to be the only style I have seen with this name.  Made in Italy – mine doesn’t state anything, but I’veContinue reading “Vintage Freccia D’oro Bicycle Saddle”