1936 Vintage Pre-War Schwinn Cycleplane Bicycle

Now this is a really neat and very old bike, a 1936 Schwinn Cycleplane Cruiser.  It originally would have had a tank and a headlight on the front fender.  This one is a bit rough, but still interesting to see how different the bars and frame are from newer bikes.  26” wheels with a coasterContinue reading “1936 Vintage Pre-War Schwinn Cycleplane Bicycle”

2022 – Let’s make it a great year in cycling and blogging!

2022 is here, I’m hoping this is a great one.  Hopefully this covid thing disappears this year.  Let’s all have lots of fun biking and blogging! Goals 3,500 miles cycling Complete my Surly Cross Check build Complete a century (100 mile) road ride Do more mountain biking 100 blog posts Reach 500 blog followers There’sContinue reading “2022 – Let’s make it a great year in cycling and blogging!”

2021 a great year of cycling 3,032.6 miles

I just completed my final ride of the year on Zwift.  My total miles for 2021 are 3,032.6.  Not a ton for many cyclists, but really good for me.  I have a wife and kids and a job and all that, so my cycling time is a bit limited.  2020 I rode 2,131.3 miles, soContinue reading “2021 a great year of cycling 3,032.6 miles”

Wheel Master Weinmann Zac 19 Wheels 700c

I needed some 700c wheels that have a vintage look and can take some wider tires and landed on these.  They are silver and not too deep which I think delivers an old school look.  They also have 36 spokes which is more vintage and hopefully leads to no broken spokes.  I had to buyContinue reading “Wheel Master Weinmann Zac 19 Wheels 700c”

How to adjust a threadless stem for fitting bicycle

You have decided you want your bike handlebars to be a bit higher or lower, or perhaps you want to flip your stem.  I’m going to show you all the different options below.  First Be sure you are doing these with the tires on the ground, not up in the stand.  Once you loosen theContinue reading “How to adjust a threadless stem for fitting bicycle”

ATOZI Alloy Headset Spacer Kit Silver 28.6 Review

For my new build I decided some silver spacers would look good, but they were a little challenging to find.  Seems like most of the kits I found were just 4 spacers which I thought might not be enough.  This kit includes 6: 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 30mm.  They are a nice silverContinue reading “ATOZI Alloy Headset Spacer Kit Silver 28.6 Review”

1982 Schwinn Varsity 10 Speed Blue

I’m excited to get some images for this bike, these were really popular in southeastern WI so it’s nice to see one again.  When I was a kid, we would start on BMX bikes and then move up to the 10 speed, and the Varsity seemed to be the most popular choice, probably because itContinue reading “1982 Schwinn Varsity 10 Speed Blue”

List of Vintage Road Bike Weights

This list is by year and brand for published road bike weights from catalogs.  Competitive cyclists have always wanted the lightest bikes. The below list gives an idea of the quality of each model based on how much they weigh. Lighter bikes were typically the more expensive models with the latest and greatest components. TheContinue reading “List of Vintage Road Bike Weights”

Installing Square Taper Crankset Stronglight Impact Double

Today we are going to install a square taper crankset, specifically the Stronglight Impact Double crankset.  It’s a fairly straight forward process.  What you need: Square taper crankset with a square taper bottom bracket installed.  Make sure the bottom bracket matches the crankset.  It should have the correct width and taper, the Stronglight is aContinue reading “Installing Square Taper Crankset Stronglight Impact Double”

Favorite Christmas Tree Ornament Road Bike

I was looking at the tree and thought I should go ahead and share my favorite ornament: Isn’t it beautiful?  It’s a road bike and it’s yellow, kinda like my 74 Schwinn Le Tour…  This is made by Old World Christmas Creations from glass.  They use a technique that was developed in the 1800’s.  MoltenContinue reading “Favorite Christmas Tree Ornament Road Bike”