Vintage Univega bicycles history and facts

Univega was the creation of Ben Lawee in the 1970s.  He had a long history as an importer of bikes like Motobecane and Bianchi.  The first brand he created was Italvega and these bikes were made in Italy.   In the mid 70s he moved production to Miyata in Japan and the brand changed to Univega. Continue reading “Vintage Univega bicycles history and facts”

Microshift Centos R10 2X10 Drop Bar Shifters Review

I was looking for a silver groupset that was also affordable for my Surly Cross Check build and landed on the Microshift Centos/R10 group.  My shifters are the older Centos 10 speed version, but they are the same as the newer R10 shifters.  I’ve been really happy with these shifters.  I was worried that IContinue reading “Microshift Centos R10 2X10 Drop Bar Shifters Review”

1954 Raleigh Sports 3-speed Bicycle Black

This is a classic vintage Raleigh cruiser, the Sports!  If you have never ridden a Sports, you should, they have so much charm and a smooth ride.  It has a lugged steel frame with 26” tires.  Raleigh’s were known as the all-steel bike, and this one is all steel with cottered steel cranks and rims. Continue reading “1954 Raleigh Sports 3-speed Bicycle Black”

Guide to vintage road bike steel frame tube manufacturers and types

Steel types are often mentioned when discussing quality vintage bikes and sometimes modern bikes.  The big names in steel are Reynolds out of the UK, True Temper from the USA, Tange from Japan, and Columbus from Italy.  Each brand has many different grades of steel.  Reynolds Reynolds is one of the biggest names in bicycleContinue reading “Guide to vintage road bike steel frame tube manufacturers and types”

Laying your bike down on the drive side meme

At some point you will likely have to lay your bicycle down.  Either when you put it in the car or truck, or because you have no kickstand and nothing to lean it on.  When you lay your bike down, never lay it on the drive side.  This is the side that the chain isContinue reading “Laying your bike down on the drive side meme”

Vintage Motobecane Bicycles History and Facts

Motobecane was founded in 1923 in France and was a manufacturer of bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles.  I believe the name is ment to mean motorbike by combining two slang terms.  They were one of the biggest French bicycle manufacturers and are often compared to Gitane and Peugeot.  Most of their bikes were road bikes fromContinue reading “Vintage Motobecane Bicycles History and Facts”

Surly Cross Check Drop Bar Vintage-Look Road Bike Build

Check out my beautiful Surly Cross Check: I decided I wanted to try and combine what I like about vintage and modern road bikes.  Vintage bikes have a really nice smooth ride, but I really like the shifting and drivetrain of a modern bike.   There is also much I like about the look of aContinue reading “Surly Cross Check Drop Bar Vintage-Look Road Bike Build”

Using WD40 on your bicycle chain meme

Why does the Disapproving Cyclist say not to use WD40 on a bike chain? It’s not a good lubricant for chains.  WD40 is much more a solvent than a lubricant and will remove what chain oil you have.  It is also only a light lubricant, so it will only briefly work on your chain.  AfterContinue reading “Using WD40 on your bicycle chain meme”

Frame parts explained – Anatomy of a bicycle

The frame is the core of every bike and brings everything together.  While frames may have a different shape, they all have the same parts. Head Tube The head tube is the short tube at the front of the frame.  It is used to connect the handlebars/stem and the fork.  A headset is used insideContinue reading “Frame parts explained – Anatomy of a bicycle”