1987 Raleigh The Edge Trials Mountain Bike

Now here is a really interesting mountain bike from history, The Edge Trials mountain bike by Raleigh.  This bike was designed by John Olsen a early mountain bike designer, rider, and author.  This bike stands out to me because it has a 24” rear wheel and a 26” front wheel.  Have a look at thisContinue reading “1987 Raleigh The Edge Trials Mountain Bike”

Stronglight Impact Double Compact Crankset Review

I was looking for a nice, old school looking crankset that would work with a modern 2×10 drivetrain and found the Stronglight Impact double crankset.  It fits my vision perfectly, have a look: I really think this crank has the vintage look but is made for modern 9/10 speed chains.  Forged alloy crankarms are madeContinue reading “Stronglight Impact Double Compact Crankset Review”

1971 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray Kids Bicycle

Check out this real American classic bike.  A 1971 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray bicycle with 20” wheels.  Some kid was rolling cool with this one.  Lemon color is yellow metal flake.  Have a look at this beauty: Chrome plated fenders, cantilever frame, bucket saddle, and built-in kickstand.  Reliable single speed with coaster brake.  Colors available wereContinue reading “1971 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray Kids Bicycle”

Bottom Bracket Sealed Cartridge Installation Tange Seiki LN 3922

Today we are going to install a sealed cartridge bottom bracket, specifically a Tange Seiki LN 3922.  The process should really be about the same for at least most other sealed cartridge bottom brackets.  Shimano will be the same. What you need A new bottom bracket Anti-Seize Lubricant or grease Bottom bracket tool like theContinue reading “Bottom Bracket Sealed Cartridge Installation Tange Seiki LN 3922”

1960 Schwinn Speedster Bicycle Green

Now this is what I would call an extremely reliable and practical bicycle.  First, it’s a vintage Schwinn so you know it was built to last.  It’s also a single speed with a coaster brake, also very reliable.  The most maintenance this thing has probably ever needed is lubing the chain.  And it’s got theContinue reading “1960 Schwinn Speedster Bicycle Green”

Marque Adjustable Bike Torque Wrench Review

Now this is one of my favorite tools that I wish I had bought earlier.  There are obviously lots of fasteners with a torque spec for bikes, so it gets a lot of use.  Previously I had used a small torque wrench with a needle and a ruler you would watch to achieve the rightContinue reading “Marque Adjustable Bike Torque Wrench Review”

Vintage Centurion Bicycles

The vintage Centurion Bike company was started in 1969 by Mitchel Weiner and Junya Yamakoshi.  Mitchel focused on running the business, and Junya supervised the manufacture and export to the USA.  Centurion was a brand of Western States Import Company (WSI) in Newbury Park, CA which also owned the Diamondback brand.  Early on the bikesContinue reading “Vintage Centurion Bicycles”

Zwift Watopia Jungle Circuit Course Review

This is one of the most scenic routes that Watopia and Zwift offers.  You will travel through deep jungle seeing toucans, Mayan ruins, caves, great waterfalls, colorful vegetation…  You even ride over a huge rope bridge.  Other than a short stretch in the beginning it is mostly gravel, so be sure to use a goodContinue reading “Zwift Watopia Jungle Circuit Course Review”

Tange Seiki LN 3922 Bottom bracket square taper Review

Here is a rather nicely machined bicycle part.  A square taper bottom bracket by Tange Seiki, the LN 3922.  A surprisingly beautiful part given that it’s not hardly visible when installed.  Made in Japan says quality.  Just look at all the shine and precise looking machining: Specs Weight: 295 grams Sealed Cartridge bearings Solid boronContinue reading “Tange Seiki LN 3922 Bottom bracket square taper Review”

1975 Raleigh Grand Prix Carmine Red/Black

Here is a great example of a vintage bike that was affordable and lightweight.  The Grand Prix was right above the Record so just one step above their lowest priced road bike.  Quite a good-looking bike for the price.  Check out these pictures: Above bike is the 23 1/2″ size. I don’t believe the saddleContinue reading “1975 Raleigh Grand Prix Carmine Red/Black”