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Last Updated on November 5, 2023 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

I thought it might be helpful to future bicycle mechanics if I shared my own tools.  They are nothing particularly special and most of them are pretty frugal.  But they are all you need to do most bike repairs.  So up first is my repair stand.

Bikehand Stand

Super helpful and I really recommend you get one.  Mine is made by Bikehand so it isn’t that expensive, but it really helps with all repairs.  It’s like having a third hand to hold the bike and it can hold it up high or low, and at many different angles.  Makes every repair easier.

My first purchase was a Nashbar tool kit that came with most the essentials and was very affordable.

Nashbar Tool Kit

The tools probably aren’t top quality, but so far, they have worked fine for me.  Here are some of the items included:

Chain breaker

Phillips screwdriver

Tire levers

Pedal wrench

Chain whip tool

Cone wrenches

Spoke wrench

Bottom bracket tool

Cassette tool

Allen wrenches

All that and kits like this are very affordable, and it comes with a nice case.  And speaking of cases I decided to buy a small toolbox for the rest of my tools so I can keep them together and easily mobile.  Sometimes I work in the garage, sometimes the basement, and sometimes I go to help a friend at their house.  So having tools in easy to carry toolboxes works great for me. 

My Bike Toolboxes

Here are the rest of my tools:

Bike Tools

Vessel screwdrivers for Shimano derailleurs

Park Tool chain pliers

Torque wrenches

Kool Stop tire jack

Housing and cable cutters

Park tool chain wear checker

Spanner wrench

Valve core remover

Tubeless Sealant Syringe

Park Tool grease

Park Tool Hex wrenches

So that’s most of my bike specific tools.  I also have all the normal tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, a big torque wrench…  A bike pump is also a necessity which I have.  Here is a guide to frugal tool buying to help you with your own purchases. 

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  2. Thanks for this. Due to getting my shoulder replaced this year, I wasn’t able to cycle. But my recovery is going great, able to do indoor Cycling and I anticipate by the spring, I’ll be out on my Trek. Can’t wait. Love my bike. Love your blog too. Stay well friend.

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