Weight Loss Help with cycling phase 2

So far, my diet is going well.  At about 15 weeks in I am down 19 pounds.  My goal was one pound a week so I’m ahead of that.  But now I’ve decided to tune up my diet a bit and have made a few changes: New calorie total My new daily calorie goal isContinue reading “Weight Loss Help with cycling phase 2”

The Diet Plateau and how to keep losing weight

Are you following the same diet, but now you have stopped losing weight?  This is called the diet plateau and I think everyone trying to lose weight has this problem.  I’ve scoured the world for help and will discuss some ideas below.  My diet is going well, but I’m starting to hit longer plateaus.  WhenContinue reading “The Diet Plateau and how to keep losing weight”

Helpful calorie cutting ideas to lose weight

Dieting and cutting calories is not very easy which is why everyone isn’t fit.  I’ve been dieting for about 3 months now and have lost 15 pounds, here are some of my favorite calorie cutting tips.  Every meal doesn’t have to look like this to cut calories: Butter If you are like me, you can’tContinue reading “Helpful calorie cutting ideas to lose weight”

Dropping calories through what you drink

So, you want to lose weight and are looking for ways to drop calories. One of the easiest ways I have found is by cutting calories with my beverages.  Of all the ways I have dropped, these are the least missed for me.  There are lots of lower or even zero calorie options out there. Continue reading “Dropping calories through what you drink”

Need a great app to help you lose weight? Myfitnesspal review

Have you decided it’s time to lose some weight?  I have a great app to help you reach your weight loss goals, Myfitnesspal.  Whether you are horizontally challenged, big-boned, or maybe you just want to eat healthier with hopes of extending your life.  There are a lot of reasons to eat better, but we allContinue reading “Need a great app to help you lose weight? Myfitnesspal review”

Weight Loss Help With Cycling

Everybody knows that if you get more exercise and decrease your calories enough you will lose weight.  And what better way to exercise than with biking?  When I started regularly cycling, I thought it would be great for weight loss.  While I am no doubt more fit, pounds have not really dropped.  Periodically I dietContinue reading “Weight Loss Help With Cycling”