Need a great app to help you lose weight? Myfitnesspal review

Last Updated on January 26, 2021 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

Have you decided it’s time to lose some weight?  I have a great app to help you reach your weight loss goals, Myfitnesspal. 

Whether you are horizontally challenged, big-boned, or maybe you just want to eat healthier with hopes of extending your life.  There are a lot of reasons to eat better, but we all need some help.  Well, I think this is the app for you.

I started this great app 30 days ago and have lost 9 pounds so far.  Previously I’ve always just tried to make cuts in what I’m eating and exercise more.  Sometimes it has worked and sometimes not.  I’ve just guessed at what is ok to eat and what is not, but now that I’m using this app I know much better what I can and should not eat.  So far, I’ve been surprised quite a few times by the calorie count in certain foods.  It’s also helped me find lower calorie alternatives to what I was eating.

It definitely makes counting the calories easier than I thought it would.  Turns out technology is pretty useful.  Most foods I can scan in using the barcode on it and then just adjust my serving size.  Other items I have to search, but everything always seems to show up.  Sometimes I see the calorie count and decide to pass because it just isn’t that good.  Other times I think about eating a snack and then decide I really don’t want to enter it in the app.  It really has helped me think about everything I eat.

When you sign up it will ask you for details like gender, age, weight…   Then it will ask you your weight loss goal and it will set how many calories you should stay under to reach goal. 

You can link your activity/exercise apps to it so that calories burned are automatically added.  I use my apple watch to keep track of my steps and my strava activity for rides.   You earn a calorie credit for all your activity.  So, it might say you should stay under 2,000 calories, but if you exercise and get a 200 calorie credit you can eat 2,200 and still reach your goal.  You might be surprised what you get for a calories credit.  This thing rates my cycling speed as either fast or even racing and for 25min of exercise I usually get like 200 calories burned.  Before I would have thought it should have been good for at least 500 based on how tiring it is.  So, unless you have hours a day to exercise, it probably doesn’t put as big a dent in your calories as you thought. 

At the end of each day, you can even check your nutrition and it will give you a rundown of proteins, fats, vitamins, and other facts about your diet for that day.  When you close out the day it will also tell you your expected weight after 5 weeks if every day was like today.

And this app is even free!  There is a premium version, but I’ve not yet seen a need for it, the free version works great.  Do this with some great cycling exercise and you should be able to meet your weight loss goals.

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