Dropping calories through what you drink

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So, you want to lose weight and are looking for ways to drop calories. One of the easiest ways I have found is by cutting calories with my beverages.  Of all the ways I have dropped, these are the least missed for me.  There are lots of lower or even zero calorie options out there.  Water is of course the best option, but many of us aren’t willing to just drink water so here are some low-calorie drink ideas.

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Iced Tea

Most people drink lots of soda or maybe beer, my beverage of choice was flavored iced tea.  Pure Leaf Raspberry tea was one of my favorites, a delicious beverage with 180 calories.  I know water is the most-healthy option, and zero calories, but I am not yet willing to give up tasty beverages completely.  Since going to just water wasn’t going to work for me, I’ve been slowly lowering my drinking calories.  My first step down was to the delicious Arnold Palmer Lite half and half teas by Arizona.  Only 11.5oz, but also only 80 calories, a nice drop from the 180 I was used to.  After a few weeks of these I switched to diet green tea with citrus like Lipton makes, 0 calories plus the usual caffeine boost from iced teas.  Now I have to say my system cleared itself out rather quickly the first few days as I was not used to drinking diet drinks.  But then I stabilized and now I love these things.  And there are claims out there that green tea will increase your metabolism and help with weight loss.  Not sure about that, but they are good.  If iced tea isn’t your thing, let’s discuss some other options. 

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If you like regular soda, the obvious step down is to diet soda.  A 20oz bottle of Coke classic is 240 calories, while diet Coke is 0!  Now it might take you a while to like the change, but at one point I was addicted to diet Coke, so it can be done.  Pretty sure they put something in that stuff, I guess it is called Coke…  I don’t know that diet soda is a great long-term drink, but it will work for dropping calories.  Eventually we should all probably be drinking water, right?  Or maybe switch to iced tea.


If you drink lots of beer the choice down is also rather obvious, most beers have a light option.  If Miller Genuine draft is your choice now you are drinking 140 calories per can.  By comparison, Miller Light is 96 calories.  Depending on how much you are drinking this could save you a lot of calories.  For real weight loss you might have to drop much of the beer drinking.  If you drink 4+ a day that would be like 20% over 2,000 calorie diet, no way this machine could run on 20% beer.  You should really give up all that beer drinking anyway, right?  They don’t call a big gut a beer belly for nothing.  Never heard of an iced tea belly…

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Flavored and vitamin waters

This is a good option with zero calories.  I have been drinking a lot of Glaceau Vitamin water which I think tastes really good and gives me some extra vitamins.  And there are also a lot of different flavored water options out there that you might want to try.  Some are even sparkling if you are fancy. I would like to drink iced tea all day, but too much caffeine late in the day seems to wreck my sleepy time.

Bai Antioxidant fusion drinks

These are low-calorie, most have 10 I think, and rather delicious with antioxidants.  They somehow use coffeefruit to make these.  Coffeefruit?  I have no idea what a coffeefruit is, but these drinks are pretty good with lots of flavors and caffeine…   Coffeefruit?  I’m sure it’s a real thing, right?

Hope these suggestions help you drop some calories and weight.  I’m 15 pounds down right now so the diet is going well for me.  I’m not a doctor or medical anything, so be sure to ask your healthcare professional before making any health changes. 

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A screwdriver walks into a bar.  The bartender says “hey, we have a drink named after you.”  The screwdriver replies, “you have a drink names Philip?”

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