Best budget bike GPS computer Bryton review

Last Updated on February 27, 2021 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

Every cyclist should have a bike computer for speed and to track miles, but they can get a bit expensive.  Well, there is a cheaper option out there that still works great, Bryton. 

Being frugal as I am, I couldn’t bring myself to pay top dollar for some of the expensive computers, so I did my research and landed on a Bryton rider 10.  A great affordable option and I used it for a couple years with no issues.  Then I decided I needed a few more features and upgraded.

Bryton Rider 420

I read a lot of reviews and decided on the Rider 420 as it was very affordable and had all the features I needed.  I’ve had it a couple years now with no issues.  Here are some of the specs:

2.3” optically bonded display with great viewing in sunlight and night riding. 

35 hours of battery life.  This is better than any others I have seen.

77+ functions and 5 satellite systems.

ANT+/ BLE heartrate, speed, and cadence sensor compatibility.  ANT+ power meter.

Compatible with Bryton Active App, including auto sync to STRAVA. 

IPX7 water resistance.

Really this thing does stuff I don’t even understand.  It does what I want really well which is display my speed, average speed, distance, time, cadence, and elevation gain all on the same screen.  At the end of the ride, I open the Bryton app and it automatically syncs my ride with STRAVA.    And the best part is that it’s quite a bit cheaper than other computers with similar features.  Get one today on Amazon:

Bryton Rider 420E GPS Bike/Cycling Bike Computer. -AMAZON

Bryton Rider 15

This one replaced the Rider 10 that I have.  A great option if you want to be really frugal, but sill have a nice computer.

Bryton Rider 15 neo GPS Bike/Cycling Computer Device Only: AMAZON

Bryton Rider 750

If you need more features than the 420, check out the Rider 750.  It’s a bit better than the 420, but still a great price for the features.  2.8” touchscreen with color and navigation.  If I ever decide to upgrade this is what I would get.  You will never get lost with this thing.  Check it out now on Amazon:

Bryton Rider 750E GPS Bike/Cycling Computer. USA Version. Color Touchscreen, Maps & Navigation – AMAZON

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