Bryton Sport Mount Review

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I decided I wanted a nicer looking out-front mount for my Surly Cross Check and went with the Bryton Sport Mount.  Have a look at it:

Bryton Sport Mount


It was pretty easy to mount as it just has 2 screws.  You just have to remove the screws and hold the mount on the bars while you reinstall the screws.  It will only work with 31.8 mm handlebars but does come with the hex tool needed to install. 


31.8 mm handlebars

Material: Aluminum alloy

Length: 4.5” long

Weight: 31 grams

Bryton bike computers only


I like it.  With my eyes I can see the screen better when it is out front, and my head is more comfortable looking at it.  I had it mounted on top of the stem before.  It’s also probably more aero being right in front of the stem rather than on top of it.  My Bryton 420 is held nice and firm in it so I’m confident it is safe.  I can also access all of the buttons which I can’t do with a different mount I have.  Because I have cool silver bars I like that the clamp isn’t very wide. 


I’m going to give this a 4 star rating.  Cutting off a star just because I think $30 is a little steep for a mount.  But if you are looking for a nice-looking mount that should perform well, this is a nice one.  Get yours today on Amazon:

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Bryton Sport Mount – AMAZON

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  1. From your picture, it looks like you have a Bryton cycling computer. I’m surprised it did come with the outfront mount. And FYI Fab Jim, I’m not able to like any of your posts. The buttons just say “loading” constantly. Not sure if your other readers are having this problem, but verified is not my browser nor my wordpress account.

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