1966 Schwinn Racer Deluxe 3-speed Bicycle

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The Racer is a real classic Chicago Schwinn cruiser bicycle.  It is considered a lightweight touring model with a budget price by Schwinn.  Diamond steel frame with tubular rims, fenders, and foam-cushioned saddle.  These came in two sizes, 19” or 21” with the option of coaster brake, 2-speed, or 3-speed.  3-speed was the only version to have handbrakes.  This example has a 3-speed rear hub and black paint. 

1966 Schwinn Racer Black


K11 19”

K12 21”

Colors: black, radiant sky blue, or flamboyant red.

Retail price in 1966 was $43.95 for coaster brake version or $51.95 for 2 or 3-speed.

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Jim has over 40 years of experience with bicycles and loves road and mountain biking and just going for calm cruises. He is a mechanic who has built custom bikes and is also very interested in bike history.

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