Microshift R10 Rear Derailleur Review

Last Updated on October 1, 2022 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

If you are looking for a nice 10-speed rear derailleur for a build or to replace an old Shimano derailleur, the R10 is a great option.  I used the Microshift 10 speed group on my Surly build and it has worked great all summer.  Check it out:

Microshift R10 Rear Derailleur Silver


Forged and CNC machined construction

Lightweight Aluminum

Anodized black or Polished silver colors

Short, medium, and long cage options

Compatible with Shimano

Specs Short Cage


Max Capacity: 33T(short)

Max cog: 25-28T (short)

Steel Cage

Weight: 216 grams


Installation is really easy if you are familiar with installing Shimano as everything is about the same.  Here are the instructions from Microshift:

Great replacement for old Shimano 10 speed derailleurs

If you have a tired old Shimano derailleur, this is a great replacement.  It even comes in silver so you can maintain the same look.  Microshift also has 8 and 9 speed options.

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  1. I imagine some of this older Shimano stuff is hard to find, and those who have it are either giving it away or asking for a lot of cash. Looks like you got a good deal.

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