Must Have Essential Bike Accessories

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You have wisely decided to take up biking and now you need all the must have accessories.  Here is a list of our recommended items for every bicyclist.

1. Saddle bag

Usually, you will be riding with just shorts and no real good pockets, but you still want your phone, wallet, and other essentials.  Get yourself a nice saddle bag so you don’t lose anything.  You could also consider a utility belt (it’s not a fanny pack). 

2. Backpack

Sometimes you need more room for longer rides.  It’s good to bring a few emergency tools, plus you might want a snack.  Longer rides require a bigger bag, so get yourself a backpack.

Great cycling backpack by Sunhiker Review – Frugal Average Bicyclist

3. Cycling Computer

A good GPS computer will help you keep track of miles and your speed.  Great if you ride the same route and want to increase your speed.  You can also link your computer to an app like Strava that will track all your miles.

Best budget bike GPS computer Bryton review – Frugal Average Bicyclist

4. Water bottle and cage 

Have to stay hydrated on a ride so a good water bottle and cage is a must for every bike.

Wilee Carbon Fiber Bottle Cage

5. Multi tool

Every now and then something breaks on your bike that you could quickly fix if you had a tool.  A multi tool is small and will likely have what you need.

6. Bike pump

Bike tires constantly need to be reinflated.  Depending on the tires it might be once a week or every few days. 

Vibrelli Bike Floor Pump Review – Frugal Average Bicyclist

7. Lights 

These are a must for any night riding and can also help with safety during day rides.

Great bike lights cheap Ascher light set review – Frugal Average Bicyclist

8. Bike lock 

If you are ever going to leave your bike along you better lock it up.  Don’t want some rat criminal stealing your bike.

9. Glasses

Any time I am riding I wear glasses.  Bugs just have a way of finding my eyes if I don’t.  There are other types of debris to save your eyes from too, plus tinted will help you with the sun.  Plus, everybody looks cooler in shades.

RockBros Photochromic cycling glasses – Frugal Average Bicyclist

10. Small inflator

Flats are something that just happen sometimes.  If you are prepared with a new tube and an inflator you can get that tire changed on the road.

11. Mirror

A great safety tool for riding.  I have a small mirror that attaches to my glasses.  Allows me to easily see when cars or other riders are coming up from behind me.  Hopefully, you don’t end up like me and try to use it when you don’t have it and are just walking around…  I’m strongly considering having some type of mirror at all times so my enemies can’t sneak up on me.

Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Mirror Review – Frugal Average Bicyclist

12. Gloves

These are really nice for colder weather and are padded to relieve some stress.  If you get brightly colored, they are also good to make hand signals more visible. 

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