CycloSpirit Bicycle Derailleur Hanger Alignment Tool Review

Last Updated on August 13, 2023 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

When tuning up your rear derailleur, one of the things you will often want to check is the alignment of your hanger.  This is especially important if your shifting went bad after some sort of crash.  If your hanger is bent, you won’t be able to index your shifting properly.  The tool for this is often really expensive, but I found the CycloSpirit to be reasonably affordable and it has worked well for me.  Have a look:

CycloSpirit Derailleur Hanger Alignment Tool


Strong steel construction

Works with wheels sizes 20” to 29”

16” long

Comes with bag and instructions


I’ve used this tool a few times on 700c and 26” wheels and it works very well.  Comes with instructions on the box and separate instructions.  I found it was easier to use a YouTube video for instructions on how to use it.  It’s just kinda hard to understand how to properly use it from reading.  It works the same as more expensive tools so it’s easy to find a helpful video.

Nice affordable hanger alignment tool

Works good at an affordable price, I rank this one 5 out of 5 stars.  No regrets for saving a few bucks on this one.  Get yours today on Amazon

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