Vintage Bottecchia bicycles history and facts

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Italian bicycle company that is named after Ottavio Bottecchia, the first Italian cyclist to win the Tour de France in 1924.  He would also win the Tour in 1925.  The company’s history goes back to 1924 when it was started by Teodoro Carnielli.  The company was owned by the Carnielli family until 1999 when it was sold to Fantic Motor.  The brand is still active selling great bicycles.

Bottecchia Head Badge

The early bikes were mostly road bikes, but they now sell a full line of bikes.  Most of their earlier bikes have a good reputation for quality, but some feel they were a step behind top Italian brands like Bianchi and Cinelli.  Others feel they are right up there with other Italian brands.

In 1989 Greg LeMond won the Tour de France riding Bottecchia.  This is their only win in the Tour as Ottavio was riding a different brand for his wins.  They also have 4 victories in the Giro d’Italia.


Cromor – mid-level road bike

De Luxe – entry level road bike

Giro d’Italia – professional level road bike

Gran Turismo – mid-level road bike

Professional – Top of the line road bike

Special – upper entry level road bike

TSX – professional level road bike


1940 the company had 100 employees.

2006 50,000 bicycles sold.

All bicycles are still assembled in Italy.

1972 Bottecchia Giro d’Italia

1972 Bottecchia Giro d’Italia Silver

Bottecchia Bicycles

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  1. Bottecchia was one of the brands at my local bike shop in the 70s. Beautiful bikes but out of my reach financially. I have two friends riding mid-80s Bottecchias and they are still gorgeous.

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