2005 Trek 4500 Mountain Bike

This is my friend Glen’s really nice 2005 Trek 4500 with blue/black paint. 

2005 Trek 4500 Mountain Bike blue/black

We believe it to be all stock and it came with some nice components.  It is a 24 speed with 3 in the front and 8 in the rear.  Rear derailleur is a Shimano Deore and the front is Acera.  For suspension it has a Rockshox Judy shock.  The handlebars are Bontrager crowbar sport which sounds way cool.  It has Shimano shifters with Tektro brake levers.  Rims are WTB dual duty XC.  Bontrager saddle is still in great condition as is the rest of the bike.  Light and strong Alpha SL aluminum frame.  Great riding bike, check out some more pictures.

I would love to post images and info of your favorite rides. Send a picture and make/model/year info to bikerjima@gmail.com. I will likely resize the image a bit. Also be sure to let me know what name you want to use in the post. Waiting excitedly for your submissions.

5 thoughts on “2005 Trek 4500 Mountain Bike

  1. Thanks for the shout out! It’s not the latest and greatest, but it’s a trusty steed and it’s cool seeing it on your blog. Walked the multi use trail with the wife at Silver Lake recently and she kept commenting how beautiful it was there. It was cool seeing it from a different perspective and a slower pace. We’re so lucky to have it and I’m thankful for the people who maintain it.

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