Delta Cycle Two Bike Gravity Stand Review

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Now this is a rather different sort of bike stand.  It holds two bikes and doesn’t require any sort of mounting.  It is easy to assemble and works as described.  After assembling it just needs to lean up against a wall.  Here are some pictures:

Delta Cycle Two Bike Gravity Stand


2 bike horizontal stand with one bike over the other

Holds up to 80 pounds

Independent adjustable arms

Silver powder coated finish

84 x 20 x 16”


Very easy to assemble.  You just put the pieces together and then there are 6 screws that need to be installed.  The only tool required is a Phillips screwdriver.  Use some care to make sure the screws are threading properly. Comes with easy-to-follow instructions.


After assembling you just lean it up against the wall where you want to store your bikes, no drilling or stud finding needed.  It does come with a strap that can be used to attach to the wall, but I found it stays in place nicely. 

The arms can be adjusted to any height which works great for slanted top tubes and woman’s bikes.  Arms are designed to hold tighter when weight is applied to them and have hooks with rubber.  With two bikes installed I pulled the stand away from the wall a few inches and it still wanted to just go back against the wall.  Arms held the bikes nicely as I could bump and wiggle them, and they stayed in place.  There is a small rubber bumper where it touches the wall.

For my wife’s large frame woman’s bike I put one arm under the top tube near the saddle and the other under the downtube.  This held it level with the arms adjusted and allowed to be taken on and off the stand easily.  The hook of the arm holds it nicely.   

Ladies bike

Saves a lot of space as you are getting two bikes in the space of one.  Also displays your bikes nicely and allows you to pedal so you could use it for some maintenance. 

Note: mine came with extra hooks in the pictures for hanging items, but Delta informed me the newest version does not include them.


This stand has met all my expectations.  Materials are all of a high quality and it functions just as it should I think as long as you follow the 80-pound capacity it will work great.  I’m giving this a full 5 stars.  It even has a limited lifetime warranty. 

Available on Amazon or if you’d like to buy direct from Delta use code BIKERJIM15 for 15% off.  Delta was good enough to provide this stand for the review. 

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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