Costco SafeRacks Wall Shelf Combo Kit Review

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With my fleet of bikes, I’m always looking for great ways to store them.  The SafeRacks wall shelf from Costco is one of my favorite bike storage items as it’s priced well and very functional.  These are currently selling on Costco’s website for $49.99 for the two 18×48” shelves with four hooks.  These are really nice quality and made from steel.  Here is mine in use:

Costco Saferacks Wall Shelf Combo

As you can see it’s great for storage.  I can put lots of items up on the shelves and still hang four bikes from it.  Mine is just hanging two bikes plus my car rack, rims, and some other items.  I’m going to move my tool chest to another location soon so I can hang four bikes.  Extra bike hooks can be bought and I’m using some cheap S hooks to hold the rims.    

I bought mine on their website and they arrived quickly and in good condition.  Installation was really easy because I have exposed studs.  It’s important to get the screws centered in the studs so it can hold the full 500lb capacity.  Each bracket has three big screws, so a total of twelve hold the brackets.  After the brackets are in you just add the top shelves and you are done.  The screws are big and deep, so it is really sturdy. 

It’s hard to beat this much storage for only $50.   Here are some more pics: 

Check them out on the Costco website, they also have the installation instructions:

A great and affordable bike storage option for your garage. 

I couldn’t decide whether to use a chair or step stool to reach the top shelf.

So I went with the ladder.

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