Free Spirit Bicycles from Sears

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Sears was once a very big retailer with lots of stores and a very big catalog.  And so of course they sold a lot of bikes with their own brand being Free Spirit.  I believe they started with this brand in the 60s and many of those were made by Steyr-Daimler-Puch in Austria.  Puch has a reputation for making pretty good quality bikes.  Some of the newer models were made by Huffy or Murray and won’t be as nice.  Most the Free Spirit bikes I see are cruiser bikes with coaster brake or 3-speed and standard 10-speed drop bar road bikes. 

Free Spirit Head Badge


10-speed – entry level road bike

Black Hills – entry level mountain bike

Brittany – cruiser style bike

Dynasty – entry level road bike

Eliminator – Stingray-like bike

FS3 – 3-speed cruiser

FS5 – kids 5-speed road bike

FS10 – entry level 10-speed road bike

Grand Peak – entry level mountain bike

Greenbriar – cruiser style bike

MX – BMX style bike

Sheffield – cruiser style bike

Sovereign – entry level road bike

Spyder -Stingray-like bike

Tailwind – kids mountain bike

Track Certified – BMX style bike

Free Spirit Ad Sears


While many of these are nice bikes, they aren’t very collectible.  To be collectible they need to be from a brand with a big fan following and top of the line model.  Free Spirit has neither since it’s not really a bike company and the bikes seem to all be entry level.  So, in the market here I think $75 would be the most one would pay for a really nice condition cruiser or 10-speed.  More likely you should be able to get one for $50 in great condition.  No real value to one in bad condition.  Collectors just aren’t looking for Free Spirit.  Now the Spyder and Eliminator muscle bikes will have some more value.  Can probably get $150 plus depending on model and condition.    

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