Bike Flipper Meme

Bike Flipper Meme

Right now, it seems like there are just a ton of bike flippers in my area.  They are buying up all the good deals from the used ads and then just relisting them days later for much more.  This is just really bad as it is making it more expensive for people to get into cycling.  And the sellers really don’t know anything about the history of the bike because they have owned it for such a short time.

Nothing wrong with finding an old bike once in a while that you know you can clean up and tune and make a few bucks on.  Some flippers do add value by fixing up bikes and saving bikes from dumpsters. The people I don’t like are just beating out buyers who actually want to ride it, and then relisting it.  And they have 5+ bikes listed at any given time.  Really bad for cycling.

Be careful if you are selling a bike.  If you are selling to a flipper don’t negotiate down, get a good price.  If you check their profile and they are listing many bikes, they are probably a flipper.

If you are looking at used ads and you see several other bikes listed with the same background in the image and from the same city, it might be a flipper.  If you decide your still going to try to buy it, be sure to negotiate the price down.  One bike for sale now was bought for $90 and is relisted for $400.  Do your research and don’t overpay a flipper.

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  1. Good grief ! I’m glad people don’t do this with horses although sometimes they will put in a modicum of training and then whack up the price and try to sell it . But with horses it doesn’t work to well. Your advice to bike buyers is good in this post .

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