All the reasons why bikes are better than cars

Here is a list of all the reasons why bicycles and cycling are better than cars and driving: Cycling is great exercise; cars are just sitting. Bikes aren’t polluting the world with disgusting exhaust. Bicycles are much less expensive than automobiles. No gas price concerns.  If the price of gas is going up, that’s aContinue reading “All the reasons why bikes are better than cars”

2022 – Let’s make it a great year in cycling and blogging!

2022 is here, I’m hoping this is a great one.  Hopefully this covid thing disappears this year.  Let’s all have lots of fun biking and blogging! Goals 3,500 miles cycling Complete my Surly Cross Check build Complete a century (100 mile) road ride Do more mountain biking 100 blog posts Reach 500 blog followers There’sContinue reading “2022 – Let’s make it a great year in cycling and blogging!”

2021 a great year of cycling 3,032.6 miles

I just completed my final ride of the year on Zwift.  My total miles for 2021 are 3,032.6.  Not a ton for many cyclists, but really good for me.  I have a wife and kids and a job and all that, so my cycling time is a bit limited.  2020 I rode 2,131.3 miles, soContinue reading “2021 a great year of cycling 3,032.6 miles”

Zwift Watopia Jungle Circuit Course Review

This is one of the most scenic routes that Watopia and Zwift offers.  You will travel through deep jungle seeing toucans, Mayan ruins, caves, great waterfalls, colorful vegetation…  You even ride over a huge rope bridge.  Other than a short stretch in the beginning it is mostly gravel, so be sure to use a goodContinue reading “Zwift Watopia Jungle Circuit Course Review”

Zwift Course Makuri Islands Two Village Loop

This course is a nice mix of pavement and gravel with a decent amount of elevation.  It is about 8 miles long with 300 feet of elevation and I guess roughly half gravel and half pavement.  I use a gravel bike on this one.  It goes through the countryside and through two villages on theContinue reading “Zwift Course Makuri Islands Two Village Loop”

Zwift – What cyclists do during winter

So, you live in a cold weather area and its winter, what is a cyclist to do?  Well, I have a great answer for you, start Zwifting!  Now you might be asking what the heck is that?  It’s a riding video game where you use an indoor trainer.  With a laptop or tablet you connectContinue reading “Zwift – What cyclists do during winter”

Benefits of an evening bike ride

When I have time, I really like to get in a nice evening bike ride.  I wait till the sun is low and the temperature is going down.  These are short rides that are just more for relaxation and just closing out the day.  Usually, I use this as an opportunity to take out oneContinue reading “Benefits of an evening bike ride”

Kidney Stones and Cycling

For years I would have a kidney stone every other year.  Seemed to be guaranteed that it would happen.  But now since I started cycling regularly, I haven’t had one in 5 years.  I’m not sure why that is.  Could be some coincidence?  A search will show many cyclists do have kidney stones, and I’veContinue reading “Kidney Stones and Cycling”