2022 – Let’s make it a great year in cycling and blogging!

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2022 is here, I’m hoping this is a great one.  Hopefully this covid thing disappears this year.  Let’s all have lots of fun biking and blogging!


3,500 miles cycling

Complete my Surly Cross Check build

Complete a century (100 mile) road ride

Do more mountain biking

100 blog posts

Reach 500 blog followers

There’s probably more, but that’s all I have right now.  I’d love to hear if you would like to see more of any type of posts.  Obviously, I like posting about old bikes, documenting repairs, documenting different routes, reviewing parts, tools, and accessories…  If there is anything you’d like to see more of let me know.  I have a few new ideas I’m going to try this year.   

Do you have any cycling/blogging goals?

2022 Cycling

Since it’s a new year, check out this calendar:

Bicycle Bliss 2022 Wall Calendar: Bike Adventures and Inspiration – AMAZON

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Jim has over 40 years of experience with bicycles and loves road and mountain biking and just going for calm cruises. He is a mechanic who has built custom bikes and is also very interested in bike history.

26 thoughts on “2022 – Let’s make it a great year in cycling and blogging!

  1. I have goals I can’t yet reveal. Stay tuned. Remember to have fun on that century, not just finish it! Great color scheme on that bike. I like the details of the unmatched rims (to go with the fork and stays) and the bar tape to split the difference.

  2. I’d like to read more about the psychological benefits of biking, bicycle riding safety, and the most convenient ways to access bikes while on vacation.

  3. If you want to write about a old bike I have one or two here, and yeah I have cycling/mountain biking goals which I won’t reveal yet but I will reveal one. I plan to take my old bike for its longest road and mountain trail bike this year, but I aim to do it without having to repair the bike at all (which will be the hardest challenge as it has a few habits one of which is falling apart when you ride for too long or too hard, already replaced the handlebars since the last mountain trail, this time I will take it on a harder trail). I hope we both achieve our goals 🙂

  4. Hello, hope you achieve all your 2022 goals, I don’t have many, would love to get in 2500 miles, At least 1 out of state trail ride, otherwise it’s just ride as much as the weather allows for both recreation and utility as we don’t own a car, we are on a very meager SS retirement income, can’t afford the ins. upkeep, payments, etc. on a car anymore!! We ride recumbent trikes, non-EAssist. I pull a home-built trailer for food and supplies, larger items that won’t fit in pannier’s or the rear rack! Your site seems very informative have an excellent day! 🙂

  5. Humm, well I’d like to:

    Ride 2000 miles

    Make at least one out of State trip to ride a new rail trail

    At going on 67, I just mainly want to ride as much as possible with my wife Jo on our Terra Trike Recumbent Trikes!

    Our Blog “Out and About on Recumbents” is usually kept up to date, LOL, have no idea if I have any followers are not so that’s not a goal. It’s mostly just a record of our rides and times for anyone who’s interested.

    LOL, my last Century Ride was 1984

    Maybe a bike multi-day road ride, we ride mostly urban and rail trails, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten out on the road!

    With living on a very meager SS retirement income, our plans are usually limited at best.

    Still we LOVE to ride so that makes up for the disappointments of not being able to do get to do the BIG things, at least to a point!

    All the best in 2022, “have Miles of Smiles”! 🙂

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