2021 a great year of cycling 3,032.6 miles

Last Updated on December 31, 2021 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

I just completed my final ride of the year on Zwift.  My total miles for 2021 are 3,032.6.  Not a ton for many cyclists, but really good for me.  I have a wife and kids and a job and all that, so my cycling time is a bit limited.  2020 I rode 2,131.3 miles, so I beat that by a lot.  My goal for this year was 2,400 miles so I also went way over that.  I think getting more and more comfortable on Zwift is getting me a lot more miles.  I used to just do a quick 6 miles daily to try to keep in some sort of riding shape.  Now I usually do 10 miles on the weekdays with the C pace setter, so they are pretty fast rides.  On weekends I try to do a little more like 12 miles a day.  Still less than when I can ride outdoors, but a lot more than I used to do. 

My goal for next year is 3,500 miles. 

I’m not getting any younger, so I think that is a pretty good goal.  Plus I plan to do more mountain biking which tends to be lower miles.

Happy New Year to everybody!  Let’s make 2022 another great year for cycling!

I’ve got lots more to blog about so it should be a good one for blogging too!

Sunset Ride Vintage Schwinn Le Tour

27 thoughts on “2021 a great year of cycling 3,032.6 miles

  1. A good accomplishment Jim. We covered about 500 km this year in a variety of circumstances, including 50 km in Vancouver and 23 in the mountains . Hopefully will get out even more in 2022. I know we will be riding a lot more on our mountain trips. As the body ages and joints fail, E-bikes have allowed us to keep on cycling. Stay well and Happy New Year to you. Allan

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