Bicycle Safety Tips

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Bikes are a lot of fun and great exercise.  These are some great tips to help keep you safe while riding. 

Keep your bike tuned

If your bike is not properly tuned, you could get in an accident due to a malfunction.  For instance, if your brakes aren’t working properly and you can’t stop.

Stay alert

When cycling you need to stay alert and use all your senses.  Often you are moving at a pretty fast pace so it’s important to look ahead of you.  If there is loose gravel or mud ahead you want to be prepared.  Also, you may hear a car or other riders coming when you don’t see them.  Best to not listen to music or wear headphones when riding.

Follow the rules of the road

Following the rules of the road will help you avoid any accidents.  Always ride on the right side of the road and obey all traffic laws and street signs.  The same rules apply if you are riding on trails.  Be sure to use a bike lane when there is one. 

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Use hand signals

When riding you should always use hand signals so cars and other riders can predict where you are going. 

Bicycle Hand Signals

Plan your rides

If you are riding on roads make sure to plan your route wisely.  Avoid super busy roads, construction zones, and confusing intersections when you can.

Use safety gear

Wear a helmet at all times when riding.  It’s also a good idea to wear bright clothing so cars and other riders can easily spot you.  A rear-view mirror can also be helpful when riding to spot cars and riders coming up from behind you.  Glasses are a good idea to keep your eyes protected from debris, and sunglasses can help you see on sunny days.  Lights are necessary at night and can also be used during the day to make you easier to see. 

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Bring emergency gear

You should have something on you that will identify you in an emergency.  If you have problems with your bike it’s a good idea to have emergency tools and a cell phone if you need to call for help.

Pack water and snacks

It’s always important to stay hydrated so be sure to pack water.  For longer rides you may also want to bring some healthy snacks. 

Not being safe

Do not do this…

Question: Do you know what is the hardest part of learning to ride a bike?

Answer: The pavement.

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