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You have decided you want to be able to work on your own bike, but now you need some tools.  There are a lot of bike specific tools that you likely do not own.  Having the right tools really helps with any repairs, it’s a good idea to start with a basic tool kit.  Then you will have most of the tools you will need and can add more later.  This is how I started and have no regrets.  The kit I bought seems to no longer be available so I’m just going to recommend one on Amazon that looks to be very similar:

This 23 piece tool kit includes lots of good, bike specific tools you will certainly need:


Bottom Bracket wrench  

Chain ring nut wrench  

Hex key wrench set 2/2. 5/3/4/5/6mm

T20/T25/T30 wrench 

3mm flat screwdriver 

5mm flat screwdriver/Phillips screwdriver

Chain rivet extractor 

15mm Pedal wrench 

8mm hex key wrench/1/2″Adaptor

Cartridge B. B. tool 

Lock ring remover 

Spoke wrench 3.2/3.3/3.5/4.0mm

Crank cap wrench 

Metal tire lever set, 2pcs 

Hub spanner13/14/15/16/17/18mm,3pcs

Crank puller 

Multipurpose master link tool

Patch kit 

Freewheel turner and lock ring wrench

It actually has a few tools I wish had come with mine.  From the pictures it looks like many of the same individual tools I have, so the quality should be ok.

Get yours now from Amazon:

23 Piece Bike Tool Kit with Storage Case – Amazon

Every time I go biking I find tools on the road.

Most of them are driving cars.

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