Bicycle Hand Signals For Safety

Last Updated on August 11, 2021 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

Hand signals are a very important part of bicycle safety.  Signals help drivers predict where you are going to go.  When riding on the road you should always use hand signals, they can even be helpful on the trail to let other riders know where you are going.  These are the most important signals that you should know.  Try to signal about 100 feet before you intend to turn or stop, and make sure to hold the signal for at least 3 seconds.  This gives drivers time to see the signal so they can be ready for your turn. 

Left Turn

Left Hand Signal Bicycle

Right Turn

Right Hand Signal Bicycle

Alternate Right Turn

I have found that people often don’t recognize the standard right turn signal. Usually, I find people are waving back at me. So, I like to use the alternate right turn signal, and just point to where I am going.

Alternate Right Hand Signal Bicycle


Stop Hand Signal Bicycle

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15 thoughts on “Bicycle Hand Signals For Safety

  1. The old style right turn isn’t used (ever) on a bicycle. That was created back in the day before blinkers because you couldn’t point out the passenger window to signal a right turn. For cycling, we just point to which way we’re going so someone doesn’t get the mistaken impression we’re waving at someone. Nice post.

      1. Too dangerous to road ride here. I gave my bike to charity years ago. I plan to get another after knee replacement… but will still limit myself to the beach trail.

  2. Considero que esta información es muy valiosa y, por lo mismo, debería de tener mayor difusión. Si todos conociéramos estas señales, habría menos accidentes en perjuicio de los ciclistas. Deberiamos de llevar la encomienda, cada uno, de promover tal información. Gracias por compartir algo tan valioso. Saludos y un abrazo.

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