Zwift Watopia Jungle Circuit Course Review

Last Updated on December 6, 2021 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

This is one of the most scenic routes that Watopia and Zwift offers.  You will travel through deep jungle seeing toucans, Mayan ruins, caves, great waterfalls, colorful vegetation…  You even ride over a huge rope bridge.  Other than a short stretch in the beginning it is mostly gravel, so be sure to use a good gravel bike.  It takes about 1.5 miles before you get into the jungle from where you start.  The total distance is about 8.6 miles with 324 feet of elevation.  There are few real steep inclines or descents, mostly long sections of +/- 1-4%.  Have a look at all this scenery:

Entering Jungle
Jungle Archway
Mayan Ruins
Caves Waterfall
Toucan On rock right side
Monster Statue
Rope Bridge Archway
Rope Bridge
Course Map

After completing this course for the first time you will be rewarded 260 experience points. 

Get some exercise while you explore all the cool stuff around you.  One of my favorite courses, check it out today on Zwift:

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