Zwift – What cyclists do during winter

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So, you live in a cold weather area and its winter, what is a cyclist to do?  Well, I have a great answer for you, start Zwifting!  Now you might be asking what the heck is that?  It’s a riding video game where you use an indoor trainer.  With a laptop or tablet you connect to a smart trainer and ride around some amazing virtual courses.  Way better than any other indoor cycling experience I know of.  Plus, you gain levels and earn different bikes and gear like any other video game.  You can even virtually meet up with your friends and go for a ride.  If you don’t have friends, you can explore the courses by yourself or follow one of the pace setters.  I’ve been doing this for a few years now.  It can really be a lot of fun.  Here are some highlights:

Customize your avatar to look however you want.  Gain different outfits and gear as you gain more experience.

Earn different bikes and wheels through earning experience and completing challenges. 

Gain experience with each mile you ride, plus bonus for completing a course the first time.

Use boosts like aero, featherweight or draft to increase your times.

Ride amazing courses through Watopia, London, France, New York, Paris, Richmond, Innsbruck, and Makuri Islands.  Lots of great scenery and challenges. 

Join races to compete again other riders all over the world.

Here are some screen shots:

Zwift Watopia City

In the upper left it displays my watts, rpm, and bpm. I use apple watch for bpm(it often has issues), and Wahoo cadence sensor for rpm(no issues). The middle top displays mph, miles, elevation, time… Upper right has a small map and elevation %, and along the right side it shows other zwifters.

The smart trainer increases or decreases resistance depending on the hills and other terrain factors.

If you like video games and cycling this is perfect for you.  Don’t miss out on riding just because it’s cold and snowy outside.  Heck it’s a great option for those rainy days during the summer months too. 

I’m using a laptop with a Wahoo Kickr Snap smart trainer.  I also use my phone with their companion app.  Plus, I have the laptop hooked up to an old 37” tv.  Now all this isn’t super cheap, but really, it’s worth it to stay in great cycling shape.  You can’t put a price tag on your health after all.

Zwift gets a FAB rating of 5 Gnomes.  Lots of fun and a great option when you can’t be outside riding.  Check it out:

Wahoo Kickr Snap Review

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  1. P.S. Or save thousands of dollars (in capital expenditures and the ongoing monthly fees) and just ride outside. There is no such thing as the wrong weather for riding, just the wrong clothes. 😉

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