1972 Schwinn World Traveler Opaque Green

Now this is a really neat bike.  I love the early Schwinn Le Tours, and this is its predecessor and a nice bicycle.  In 1972 Schwinn started importing bikes from Japan with the World Traveler and World Voyageur.  For some reason these bikes never even made the catalog.  I’m guessing they wanted to see how well they would be received before they put them in print.  Both bikes were made by Panasonic.  They must have been well received because in 1974 they introduced the Schwinn Le Tour made by Panasonic and in the catalog.   These bikes are Schwinn approved.  Take a look at this beauty:

1972 Schwinn World Traveler Opaque Green

Opaque green looks great on the steel lugged frame, and it is one of my favorite vintage Schwinn colors.  The derailleurs are an early Shimano.  Rims are chromed steel Araya and fit 27” tires.  Crank is a one-piece Schwinn design made in Japan.  Brakes and levers are Diacompe. 

A beautiful example of a vintage bike.  I’m sure this one has delivered many hours of happy riding to its owners. 

16 thoughts on “1972 Schwinn World Traveler Opaque Green

  1. 👌👌👌This is exactly what the Favorit and Eska bike looked like in communist Czechoslovakia. The bike named Ukraine was then imported from Russia … it weighed about 20 kg😁

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