1973 Schwinn World Voyageur

After posting about the World Traveler, I really wanted to find a World Voyageur to post about, and here it is. 

1973 Schwinn World Voyageur Kool Orange

The Traveler is a great bike, but this goes to the next level.  It has chrome in all the right places (fork end, head tube, dropouts).  The Shimano Crane GS rear derailleur is considered Dura Ace level and so is the 3-piece alloy crankset.  Most of these came with a Schwinn Le Tour GT300 branded Crane GS, but I believe some also came with the standard Crane GS.  Maybe the ran out of the branded versions during production and used what they had.  Shifting is done with the really cool bar end shifters.  I wasn’t too familiar with these before, but now it has made my list of bikes I’d really like to own.  This one is in Kool Orange:

Like the Traveler these never made a Schwinn catalog.  The only had a spec sheet.  The World Traveler and Voyageur were the first two bikes imported by Schwinn from Japan.  As you can see in the images above, it’s hard to tell it is even a Schwinn.  It has its own World Badge and only mentions Schwinn on the small seat tub decal.  They must have been really worried a Japan made Schwinn wouldn’t be well received. 

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