ZTTO Road Bike Caliper Brakes Review

Last Updated on November 7, 2021 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

When I built my indoor trainer bike it was my first build so even though it didn’t need brakes, I put them on anyhow.  I wanted to test the bike out a little outdoors to make sure I did everything fine with the build.  Searching for some cheap brakes I landed on these ZTTO caliper brakes:

ZTTO Caliper Brakes


They brake.

Look ok.

Work with up to 32mm tires.



Quick release lever on rear has never worked.

Barrel adjuster mostly doesn’t work.  All plastic and there must be too much friction to work well. 

I’d have returned them if they were for a bike I was actually going to ride a lot out on the road.  I give them a FAB rating of 2 gnomes.  They are cheap and they work, but I think one can do better.  Get yourself some Tektro brakes instead.  Or at least get the ZTTO that look to have a nicer metal barrel adjuster.  I guess mine are their model AS2.6D.

TEKTRO R340 Road Bike Dual Pivot Caliper Brake Set, Front and Rear, Black – AMAZON


If you’re removing unnecessary things from your bike, definitely take off the brakes

They will just slow you down

Just a joke, don’t actually remove your brakes please….

Just to be clear, don’t remove your brakes ever.

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6 thoughts on “ZTTO Road Bike Caliper Brakes Review

  1. FAB, Do you do frame touch ups on customer bikes?
    I have an early World Voyageur frame (72 serial number) in opaque blue and can send you pictures of the frame. I live in Tampa and can drive down to deliver it.

      1. Thanks, Jim.

        On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 11:00 PM Frugal Average Bicyclist wrote:

        > FAB Jim The Cyclist commented: “Hi Rick. That is a great frame to have. We > only advise people on how to work on their bikes. Good luck getting it > touched up. We will be doing a post on touch ups soon….” >

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