What year bike do I have? Dating a Schwinn Le Tour

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Here are some tips for dating a Schwinn Le Tour visually.

1974 Schwinn Le Tour Down Tube


If the fork has a chrome tip the bike is 1982 or older.

If the fork is painted with no chrome, it is 1983 or newer.

Brake Levers

If the brake levers have a safety lever the bike is 1983 or older Le Tour. I don’t believe the Super Le Tour ever came with safety levers on the brakes.

If the brakes are combined with the shifters (STI) the bike is 2007 or newer.


If the bike has stem mounted shift levers it is 1983 or older.

Down tube shifters – 1984 or newer Le Tour or Super Le Tour of any year.

If the bike has STI shifters (brakes and shifters combined on the bars), then it is a 2007-2011 model.


10 speed – 1982 or older Le Tour, 1976-1978 Super Le Tour

12 speed – 1983-1989 Le Tour, 1979-1985 Super Le Tour

14 speed – 1995-1999 Le Tour

20+ speeds – 2007-2011


Standard quill stem was used from 1974 to 1999.

2007 and newer have a threadless stem.


1974-1988 bikes have 27” rims and tires.

1989 and newer models have 700c rims and tires.


Le Tour branded – 1974-1978

Shimano 400 – 1979-1980

Shimano 600 – 1976-1978 Super Le Tour

Shimano Altus LT – 1979-1982 Super Le Tour

Shimano Altus ST – 1981-1983 Le Tour

Suntour ARX – 1984-1985 Le Tour

Huret Rival – 1986 Le Tour

Shimano L523 – 1987 Le Tour

Suntour Accushift – 1988.

Suntour Blaze – 1989


Yellow – 1974-1976 Le Tour

Green – 1982 Super Le Tour


Lugged Steel – 1974-1989

Butted Chromoly – 1995-1999

Aluminum – 2007-2011

Reynolds 520 – 2010-2011

Carbon – 2010-2011


All the bikes came with decals stating the model.  If still visible these are the date ranges:

Le Tour on down tube – 1974-1976.

Le Tour on top tube – 1977-2011

Le Tour II – 1977

Le Tour III -1978

Le Tour IV – 1979

Super Le Tour – 1976-1985

Super Le Tour 12.2 -1977-1978

Super Le Tour II – 1979

Le Tour Luxe – 1983-1985

Le Tour Tourist – 1981-1982

Le Tour GS – 2007-2009

Le Tour GSX – 2007-2009

Le Tour Classic – 2010-2011

Le Tour Sport – 2010-2011

Le Tour Super – 2010-2011

Le Tour Elite – 2010-2011

Le Tour Legacy – 2010-2011

Checking the serial number will often be the only way to know the exact year, but the above info should get you in the ballpark.  I’ll add more tips soon. 

Note: above is true for stock bikes.  Your bike may have been modified from stock, so be sure to look at all the tips. 

Check out the complete Le Tour guide for images and more info about all the years.

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