1979 Raleigh Record Ace Space Blue

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A nice vintage road bike made by Raleigh in Nottingham England.  10 speed drivetrains with Raleigh alloy cotterless crank and Raleigh/Sun Tour derailleurs.   Stem mounted shifters.  Lugged frame made from Raleigh 20/30 high carbon steel.  27” chrome plated steel rims with alloy hubs.  Gent’s sizes 19 ¾”, 21 ½”, 23 ½”, and 25”.  Weight approximately 30lbs. 

1979 Raleigh Record Ace Space Blue

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Jim has over 40 years of experience with bicycles and loves road and mountain biking and just going for calm cruises. He is a mechanic who has built custom bikes and is also very interested in bike history.

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  1. The bike boom of the 70s. I had a bike that could fold up and I rode it in London England. It was a great city bike and folded up it I could take it on the Underground ( Subway)

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