Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Bicycle Trainer Review

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I’ve been using my Kickr Snap for almost 3 years now and I like it a lot!  Previously I had purchased the cheapest smart trainer I could find which was an Elite.  After about a year it broke and though they sent me a part, I couldn’t fix it.  So, I did lots of research and landed on the Snap for its replacement.  It is definitely one of the most expensive wheel-on trainers available, but worth it.  I got mine at the local Trek bike shop as it seems there are usually no deals to be found on this one. 

Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Bicycle Trainer


Has worked great with Zwift with no issues.

Wheel on trainer so it’s easy to use with all my bikes.

Resistance works perfectly.

Road feel. 

Heavy steel construction.


Comes with front tire block.


Doesn’t keep track of cadence, but a sensor is likely more accurate anyhow.

My Setup

It has worked great without any issues for almost 3 years.  Here is my setup:

Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Trainer

Lenovo Laptop


Apple watch

Old 37” Flat Screen Toshiba TV

Wahoo Cadence Sensor

Ant+ dongle

I connect my trainer to the laptop using the Ant+ dongle.  You can do it just with blue tooth, but I heard the dongle is a little better.  I have like an 8’ cord so the dongle is right next to the trainer.  Laptop runs Zwift and is connected to the 37” tv for bigger viewing.  I also use the Zwift Companion app which connects my watch to Zwift.  From the app you can also view the map and give ride-ons and other cool stuff.  My cadence sensor connects to Zwift on the laptop.  The watch is the only thing that can be tricky to get working, I just use it for heartrate.  Everything Wahoo works great, however. 

Compared to the cheaper Elite trainer I previously had the road feel is so much better.  Any time I stopped pedaling with the Elite it felt like there was just no realistic coasting, it just slowed instantly.  The Wahoo gives a much more real coast which I believe is due to the heavy flywheel.  At the time I bought the trainer it was the heaviest by far. 

I give the Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Trainer a full 5 gnome rating!  It has been reliable and makes for a better indoor experience. 

I got dumped by the trainer I was dating.

When I asked why, she said we just weren’t working out.

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