Using WD40 on your bicycle chain meme

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Bike Chain WD40 Meme

Why does the Disapproving Cyclist say not to use WD40 on a bike chain?

It’s not a good lubricant for chains.  WD40 is much more a solvent than a lubricant and will remove what chain oil you have.  It is also only a light lubricant, so it will only briefly work on your chain.  After a few miles or wet conditions, you will end up with no lubricant at all.  Bicycle chains are way too fast moving for WD40.  You need a good lubricant for a happy chain.

What does WD40 do well for a chain?

It’s good for cleaning a chain, but after cleaning you need to use a good bike chain lube.  WD40 does make products specifically for bike chains if you want to use the brand. 

WD40 Bike Wet Chain Lube – AMAZON

WD40 Bike Dry Chain Lube – AMAZON

The chain is a really important moving part on the bike.  Treat it well.  A bottle of chain lube will last you a very long time as you don’t use very much each time.  Money well spent!  Keeping your glorious bike in great riding condition is too important to be cheap.

Just stick with it. What seems so hard now will one day be your warmup.

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  1. Scratch one mistake I always make to maintain my bike. Salty humid air exposure year around in South Florida makes the rust factor on bike metal another concern.

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