All the best reasons why you should be biking!

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We are going to cover all the great reasons why everyone should be bicycling.  If you are already biking this is a list to remind you that you are better than those who are not riding.  If you are not currently cycling, then this is a list telling you why you should stop embarrassing yourself and get a bike. 

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Lots of great health benefits, it is a great, low impact exercise.  It is better than walking and hiking and won’t kill your legs like that running stuff. 

Start exercising right at your door.  Think about how much time is wasted driving back and forth to the gym.  With biking you can start your exercise right as you leave the house.  This will give you more time for exercise!

A great way to help you lose weight.  You won’t have to cut as many calories if you are burning a few biking.

Build those leg muscles, you should see the calves on this guy.  And not just your legs, your abs are used for balance and your arms are used on the bars.  And who doesn’t want to look like a Greek god?

Get all your vitamin D.  It is produced when the sun hits your skin, and you will get plenty of sun rays if you are out riding.  And that sun may just give you a great bronze tan too, also Greek god-like.

Are you worried about the end of the world?  A zombie apocalypse perhaps?  Well in that case a bike is perfect for you.  You don’t have to put fuel in it or feed it.  And when the roads are filled with crashed and dead cars, you can zig-zag through them right on by.  And those slow, lumbering zombies aren’t going to catch a bike. 

Under most circumstances, you can continue riding even with a pandemic like covid-19.  You are outdoors so the wind will dissipate any virus particles in the air.  Plus, they say the sun kills the virus so ride on a sunny day with a light breeze. 

Do you like seeing nature?  Well, there are lots of great bike paths through nature.  You will see more than you would hiking because you are moving faster.  And usually, you will be moving fast enough that bugs aren’t going to bother you.  If it is hot, riding has a fan-like effect on you to keep you nice and cool. 

Nobody likes pollution and this is a great low emission form of transportation.  Save the planet and all that.

There is a bike type for everyone.  Want to ride mountain trails?  Get a mountain bike.  Want to ride paved surfaces?  Get a road bike.  Want to ride gravel paths?  Get a gravel bike.  And I’m not even going to get into fat bike riding.  There are big tricycles if you have balance problems.  Are you a clown?  Get a unicycle.  And if you just want to look really cool with minimum effort, get an E-bike. 

Do you like tinkering?  There are all sorts of opportunities for a bike owner.  Things break now and then and need fixing.  There is lots of regular maintenance that needs to be done.  You could upgrade parts.  Perfect for somebody who likes to tinker. 

Gnomes have short legs and will never catch you on a bike.  Unless the gnome is also on a bike… Beware the gnomes.

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