Good screwdriver for Shimano derailleur – Vessel 900 JIS Review

If you regularly work on bicycles, you need to check out the Vessel P.2×100 screwdriver.  Unlike all the Phillips drivers in your toolbox, this one will fit well in all those Shimano screws on your bike components. 

By now, I’m sure you have noticed that it’s really hard to find a screwdriver that works well with those little screws on Shimano components.  Well, that’s because they are not Phillips head screws, they are JIS Japanese Industrial standard screws.  Stop wasting hours of your day trying each and every screwdriver you have just to find one that will only work ok.  And you definitely don’t want to strip one of these screws and have to replace it.  Get yourself the right driver now.  Take a look at this beautiful tool.

Vessel 900 P.2×100 screwdriver

Vessel 900 P.2×100 screwdriver

It took me hours of intense research to figure out what I needed was a JIS #2 screwdriver.  After hours more searching for a quality product at a good price, I purchased a Vessel P.2×100 from Amazon.  It’s not super cheap, but there are a lot of more expensive options out there.  So far, I like it a lot and it will be nice to not have to try every screwdriver I own to find one that works well enough.  If you plan to do a lot of bike repairs, get one of these now and save yourself future problems from using the wrong screwdriver.  If you have a lot of screwdrivers like me, it should stand out among them and be easy to find because of its color.

Handle is stain-resistant with good size and grip for turning.  JIS tip is hardened for good wear resistance and magnetized.  Shank is anti-corrosion chrome plated.  It is about 8.5” long.  Made in Japan.

Buy one for yourself with this link at Amazon:

VESSEL MEGADORA Screwdriver No.900 +2×100 JIS

This tool gets a FAB rating of good buy. 

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