1971 Hercules Bicycle Ladies

This is my friend Glen’s ladies Hercules bike we believe is a 1971 based on the Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub. 

He happened upon this bike after some maniac threw it in the garbage.  After some care and cleaning it’s a beautiful bike and fun to ride.  Believe it to be all original with the nice front rack and chrome fenders.  I thought this bike was so cool it inspired me to get my Raleigh bikes.  Here are some more pics:

2 thoughts on “1971 Hercules Bicycle Ladies

  1. Know this is a old post. But I had a bike just like this. But different brand. I forget the brand name sorry but looked a lot like this without the basket. I know when I looked it up it was from the 70s also. Would still have it today if my teenager at the time didn’t respect things. I also see you are from Wisconsin? I’m over by Antigo up north. Little past Antigo actually. Love the county. I just can’t ride no more. Bad back. That bike helped me a lot sitting back and straight up loved that bike.


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