Thule Passage 2 Bike Trunk Rack Review

Are you looking for a better way to travel with multiple bikes?  The Thule Passage 2 bike trunk rack may be a good option for you.  I’ve had mine since Christmas, so I’ve only used it a few times, but think I know the product quite well.  Take a look at it holding a couple of bikes:

Thule Passage 2 Bike Trunk Rack

It is quite easy to install and seems to hold the bikes well on the road.  Haven’t had any issues with anything loosening up or anything like that.  The foam seems to do a good job protecting my car and it fits very nicely on my 2015 Hyundai Elantra.  The lower foam sits on the bumper and the upper ones are on the trunk.  It has 6 straps that connect to the car which hold it steady.  Two of the cradles have anti-sway cages that keep the bikes from swinging around.  The rubber straps on the cradles hold the bike in really well. 

I didn’t want to risk damaged bikes with a really cheap rack, but I think it’s a fair price for this one.  Much cheaper than getting a trailer hitch installed and getting a hitch mounted rack. 

This thing is all good if you have the right bikes.  I didn’t realize quite how limiting it is before I purchased it, however.  For standard men’s type bikes with a horizontal top tube, it is perfect.  For kids and ladies bikes it gets much harder.  I even have the bar thing that you add to kids or woman’s bikes, but it really doesn’t work that great.  My wife has a very tall bike and if you connect the bar to the stem and seat its not off the ground far enough.  My daughter’s bikes seem too small to fit in the cradles even with the bar.  So, keep in mind what bikes you are going to use it for.  If you have the right bikes, it’s a pretty good deal, but it’s very limiting.  It’s probably as good as any trunk mounted rack is, but I assume they are all limited. 

We give this a FAB rating of 3 gnomes.  Very nice trunk rack, but also very limited in the bikes you can use it with.   

Get yours today at AMAZON:

Thule 910XT Passage 2 Bike Trunk Mount Carrier,Black – AMAZON

4 thoughts on “Thule Passage 2 Bike Trunk Rack Review

  1. I’ve got a hitch mount and a trunk mount rack and the hitch mount wins hands down. The hitch is obviously expensive but worth it in terms of stability with the bikes. Nice post.


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