Topeak Cagemount Water Bottle cage mount review

Last Updated on July 25, 2021 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

Looking for a great way to add another water bottle to your bike?  Check out this cool water bottle cage holder by Topeak.  It mounts with no screws needed to your handlebars or seatpost.  My daughters Trek Precaliber mountain bike came with no way to mount a bottle, so I needed to find something.  After scouring over all the different options out there I landed on the Topeak.  Have a look at it in action:

She’s been using it for a while now and so far, it is doing a great job of staying put.  I was a little worried it would move, but so far, it’s nice and sturdy. 

It seems to be common for kids bikes to not have any way to mount a bottle, so this is perfect.  The bottle is easy access, and my kid isn’t constantly asking me for the water bottle.  Smaller frames also often only have screws for one bottle so this would add a second.  And of course, you could also mount it on any other bike that you want to use to carry more hydration.  My wife’s Verve only has room for a small water bottle.  Might add one to her bike also.  Great for full suspension bikes with no water bottle mounts.  Here are some specs:

Clamp fits 22-28mm and comes with shims

Made from engineering grade polymer and steel

Weighs only 45 grams

Comes with just the mount, so you will need your own cage.  Get yours today on Amazon:

Topeak CageMount , Black – AMAZON

Great for kids bikes, woman’s bikes, small framed bikes, full suspension bikes….

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