We Energies Bicycle Trail Caledonia

Last Updated on August 23, 2021 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

Last weekend I decided to check out a little trail I’ve known about for a while but have never ridden.  The WE Energies bicycle trail in Caledonia, WI.  It is about 2 miles long with the northern half being paved and the southern half crushed limestone.   Most of it is just through prairie with a nice view of the power plant in the background.  😊  It goes through trees just a little bit.  On the south side is starts at the end of 7 Mile Rd, just east of 32.  If you find 7 Mile Rd and go east, you will end at the trail.  It is also right next to this Caledonia water tower. 

Caledonia Water Tower

On the north side it starts at East Elm Rd just east of 32.  Here are some pictures of the trail:

If you ride north on the MKE Trail you could take 32 a short distance north to meet up with this trail.

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