Pike River Pathway Mount Pleasant, WI

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Another nice, paved path here in Mount Pleasant, WI.  The north side I use quite a bit as I often ride through it alone, sometimes we do family rides here, and I also walk my dog around it.  I think it’s about 2.5 miles around the oval shape at the north side.   It starts on Old Spring Street and this north section ends where it meets Oakes Rd.  Lots of nice views and you don’t have to cross any roads if you stay just on this north section.  It also has regular garbage cans and park benches, plus a port o potty at the south end parking lot.  Here are some nice pics of this section. 

Pike River Pathway

Here is a map of the whole system, it goes from Old Spring all the way to KR when the whole trail is open.  Of course, it has spent a lot of time closed due to construction projects.  It meets up with the Racine-Sturtevant trail over near Hwy 11 if you want to head east.   

When the path is open you can continue on a Kenosha path into Petrified Springs park in Kenosha.  From there you can continue on the path east and reach the Kenosha County bike trail which will bring you back up North to Racine.  Eventually this one will run into the east side of the Racine-Sturtevant trail, and you can take that west completing a nice big loop.  I think this ride is around 30 miles.

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