1975 Raleigh Grand Prix Carmine Red/Black

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Here is a great example of a vintage bike that was affordable and lightweight.  The Grand Prix was right above the Record so just one step above their lowest priced road bike.  Quite a good-looking bike for the price.  Check out these pictures:

1975 Raleigh Grand Prix Carmine Red/Black

Above bike is the 23 1/2″ size. I don’t believe the saddle is stock and it did not come stock with fenders. It would however have had tires like the catalog image.


10 speeds

20/30 steel tubing and fully lugged frame

Weinmann center pull brakes with extension levers

Huret Challenger derailleurs

Huret Shifters

Raleigh Cottered Crank

Came in 4 color options: Sky Blue/Black, Carmine Red/Black, Bronze Green/Black, and White/Black.

DL115 (Men’s) came in sizes 21 ½, 23 ½, and 15 ½”

DL115L (Ladies) came in sizes 19 ½ and 21 ½”

The suggested retail price was $159.00

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  1. 👌👌👌when I was little so in our region there was a Race of peace. Even then, I didn’t understand how a seemingly fragile structure could carry the weight of those huge guys.

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